Justin Timberlake Breaks Silence After Freaking Out in Police Custody
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic)

Justin Timberlake Breaks Silence After Freaking Out in Police Custody

Justin Timberlake is having a rough time. The police arrest him in The Hamptons for drunk driving. The officer doesn't even recognize him so JT probably goes into a drunken existential crisis. Then, his mugshot goes viral and everyone makes fun of him for looking insane.

Most celebrities might cancel plans and go into hiding before facing the public again. However, that doesn't appear to be Justin's style. Now, he finally addresses the debacle (sort of.)

Timberlake resumes his massive Forget Tomorrow world tour in Chicago where he faces the public once again. Instead of shying away from the situation, he acknowledges it all. Justin is incredibly vague in his verbage though. He tells the crowd, ""It's been a tough week. I know I'm hard to love sometimes but you keep loving me right back."

The crowd cheers him on. I find it funny that his form of being candid involves saying absolutely nothing of substance. Everyone already knows what happened. We all still laugh at the mugshot. Regardless, the fans love Justin. He can afford to open up to his audience. Still, he rejects the idea entirely and keeps the show rolling, treating it as a minor speed bump in his path.

Justin Timberlake Freaks Out in Police Custody

Ultimately, this is a much calmer reaction than how wired he is in police custody. A source tells PEOPLE magazine that Timberlake spends his entire night in jail freaking out. "He's insisting he only had one drink and it wasn't some wild night out," the source says.

That mugshot is not the look of someone who spends his nights nursing one martini. Those glassy, bloodshot eyes tell an entirely different story. Moreover, he's definitely not just following his friends home. He's drifting into other lanes and zooming past stop signs. Justin can barely keep his head straight.

Still, Timberlake continues his tour, business as usual for the 43 year old pop star. Surely, this will all breezily pass by in court. The court may lightly slap him on the wrist but he'll be fine. I'm just not sure why he's acting like an alien about it. If you got wasted with your friends man, that's fine. If you smoked a little weed, did a little drugs, do you Justin. Just do it safely and stop being weird about it. We're still going to laugh at that mugshot for a long time though.