Internet Roasts Justin Timberlake After Arrest He Can Kiss His License Bye Bye Bye!
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Internet Roasts Justin Timberlake After Arrest: "He Can Kiss His License Bye Bye Bye!"

I gotta hand it to the X (formerly Twitter) user who posted the quote in the headline: that Justin Timberlake joke is so much better than the one I came up with earlier. Y'all know the score. Justin Timberlake was arrested on a DUI charge, Britney Spears was shady about it, yadda yadda yadda. Click those two links if you want full context! We're here for hahas in this article!

If Britney Spears was an arrow in Timberlake's shoulder, the internet is the sword that sliced the poor man's head off. Let's start with the strong headliner to get it out of the way.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I laughed at that for at least five straight minutes. So good. But that's not all — there's so much grade-A Timberlake content for us to enjoy!

The phrase "the internet is undefeated" exists for a reason. Never be a celebrity who has a moment of weakness. I told y'all in the last Timberlake article: people love being petty! It's the rule, it's the standard. If you want empathy and kindness, stay far away from the internet. Because here, you're going to get roasted. Aggressively.

I know Britney Spears is somewhere sitting in a dark room like a supervillain. The only light emanates from her laptop as she scrolls X, basking in the Timberlake jokes. She sips from her alcoholic beverage, laughing. At peace.

Justin Timberlake's Problems Get Worse As The Internet Jumps Into The Fray

When you think it can't get worse? The New York Times basically eviscerated the poor guy, too. 

At this point, it feels like many people were waiting years for Timberlake's downfall. Whoever wrote that New York Times piece had that paragraph in their heart for a long time. And today? It was time to grab the nuclear football and send the missiles sailing toward Timberlake's career.

I imagine Timberlake staring at the ceiling in his prison cell from his "bed." He's trying his hardest to go to sleep. But he can't, no matter how much he tries. He's haunted. One phrase keeps spinning throughout his mind, unceasing, torturing him. That phrase?