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Song Premiere: June Star Finds Balance on Tender 'Afraid of the Fall'

June Star, the recording project of Baltimore-based singer-songwriter Andrew Grimm, take a clear-eyed, measured look at the concept of falling in love on the tender "Afraid of the Fall," the latest release from their forthcoming album How We See it Now (out April 16).

Grimm says "Afraid of the Fall" is about considering how truly being in love is an ongoing journey with another person rather than an uncontrollable jolt to the system.

"Lately, I've found the concept of 'falling in love' antiquated and an outright romanticized delusion, as if that very moment is beyond our control and we have no choice but to allow some weird emotional gravity to have its way with our hearts," Grimm tells Wide Open Country. "More or less, I've come to understand that being in love is more about climbing a mountain... learning the ropes of who you are... and when your balance becomes rhythm then, you can finally climb with your own confidence... and as you are on your way up... you look over and there's another person climbing, and you think, 'I'd like to climb with that person... looks like they know what they're doing too... and maybe they have snacks.' The metaphor can go on and on... they know a better route to the top... you can watch each other's lines... 'Afraid of the Fall' is all about learning to balance... measure out your steps... you know it's worth it... just don't look down."

Listen to "Afraid of the Fall" below.

WhistlePig Records · June Star - Afraid Of The Fall


How We See it Now, Grimm's 11th full-length record in six years, was recorded at Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore, Maryland.

For more information on June star, visit their official website.

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