Josh Abbott and girlfriend
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Josh Abbott's Father Passes Away

After suffering a stroke in mid-February, Josh Abbott's father passed away Thursday night (March 2). Abbott shared the news with his fans through social media.

In an Instagram post, Abbott mourned "our little family is crushed right now." The country singer recently announced the decision to cancel two weeks of scheduled shows this month, from the 1st through the 12th, to be with his family.

His father suffered the stroke on Feb. 9, but Abbott says the effects took a heavier toll the following week. As his condition worsened, family gathered. That's when Abbott made the decision to be by his mother's side instead of on the road touring.

"I know he's in a better place, but I will truly miss him so much," Abbott says. "I will miss our talks, our hunts and our hugs."

Fans have showered Abbott with support since the news struck in February. Abbott asks that fans "please pray for my mother's peace of mind and strength to endure this."

Abbott didn't initially share news of his father's health issues. In fact, the family didn't even realize his father suffered a stroke until two days after it happened.

On Feb. 17, Abbott posted a message urging fans to tell your family you love them. "You just never know what can happen and then it might be too late," he lamented.

Josh Abbott returns to the road in Seattle, Wash. on March 15 with a string of shows through April. Notably, the band had a pretty rough year recently. Last year, they canceled several shows for emotional distress.

Abbott also had his own health scare when a severe allergic reaction put him in the hospital. He actually rode in the ambulance when his asthma kicked in and nearly stopped his breathing completely.

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