Josh Abbott Band Cancels Show After Lead Singer Hospitalized

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Josh Abbott of the Josh Abbott Band had a serious health scare over the weekend that landed him in the hospital.

The country singer revealed the ordeal that forced the band to cancel an appearance in Las Vegas on July 23.

“Currently in the hospital. I called one of those hydrate IV guys to come set me up a few hours ago… Everything was fine w/ the saline and vitamins, and then towards the end he added glutathione,” he shared in a tweet. “Well it turns out I’m DEALTHY ALLERGIC to it and my asthma kicked in. It got real bad real quick. Couldn’t breath. I thought I was seriously about to die. EMS was worried I’d go into cardiac arrest. Got a nice fancy ride in an ambulance on a stretcher. Crazy… I can’t even explain to you how bad it got but I’m grateful to be here. It was that bad.”

Later, he updated fans with his official diagnosis of Anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. He was discharged from the ER later that day. He also assured fans that the group planned on making up the missed date later this year.

Abbott kept in good spirits through the event, even tweeting out this hilariously appropriate Game of Thrones gif.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Abbott will be back in good health in time for their next scheduled gig on July 28 in Memphis, Tenn.

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Josh Abbott Band Cancels Show After Lead Singer Hospitalized