Jordan Davis attends the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards at Allegiant Stadium on March 07, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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6 Jordan Davis Songs That Prove He's a Hopeless Romantic

Jordan Davis is an artist who has definitively found his place in the country music genre over the past five years. The singer, who is signed to Universal Music Group Nashville, found success early in his career with his debut single, "Singles You Up." Since then, he has been continuing to build his presence within the country music industry.

Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, country music runs in Davis' blood. His brother, Jacob Davis, is also a country singer, and his uncle, Stan Paul Davis, is a songwriter who wrote tunes for Tracy Lawrence. And although he eventually followed a career in music, he holds an Environmental Science Degree from Louisiana State University. In addition to his career as a country music singer, the Louisiana native is busy as a dad to his daughter, Eloise, and a husband to his wife, Kristen.

As of 2022, Davis has released 3 No. 1 hits, two Top 5's, and even one song with a country music heavyweight. He has also received various award nominations, and he has toured with artists such as Luke Combs, Brooks & Dunn, Dierks Bentley and more. Davis is primed for plenty more success in country music, and here's a look back at 6 of his best songs so far.

6. "Singles You Up"

Davis broke onto the country music scene in 2017 with this debut single, "Singles You Up." The upbeat tune introduced Davis' quick-witted songwriting and feel-good production style. In the tune, Davis sings from the perspective of a man offering his heart to a love interest, but the only problem is that the girl of his dreams is currently taken. Davis gets in line, so to speak, to be the first person to swoop her up if her current beau ever singles her up. The song offers a unique perspective on the classic flirty country tune, and it became Davis' very first No. 1 hit.

5. "Take It From Me"

For his second single, Davis released another feel-good love song, "Take It From Me." In this, another upbeat song, Davis plays off the phrase "take it from me," offering various items to a love interest — from something simple like a t-shirt to his heart. Like his debut single "Singles You Up," this song also employs quick and clever lyrics and a contagious beat. "Take It From Me" landed at the No. 2 spot, marking his second hit on country radio.

4. "Slow Dance In A Parking Lot"

In 2019, Jordan Davis found himself another hit with the release of "Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" from his debut album, Home State. In this song, Davis sings about a unique night with a love interest, during which the couple dances together in a parking lot. Although the couple is simply, "Spinning around by the Walmart sign," it's a memory that clearly stays with them. The song is full of details about the memorable and romantic night. "Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" became Davis' second No. 1 hit.

3. "Almost Maybes"

Davis often sings about the subject of love, and in his 2020 tune, "Almost Maybes," he sings about how some love stories come about through a series of missed chances. Throughout the tune, Davis sings about some of his past relationships that didn't work out, and although he might have been heartbroken at the time, those relationships led him to the person he was meant to spend his life with. The song is full of mini-stories and narratives that keep the listener engaged, and the lyrics are accompanied by Davis' signature catchy production.

2. "What My World Spins Around"

Released as his latest single in May of 2022, Davis' song "What My World Spins Around" finds him singing about his highest values in life, or what his world spins around. He starts off the tune by mentioning his love for fishing, beer, for a "slow down beach town" and other of his favorite things. By the chorus, however, the tune becomes a love song, and he begins to sing about the most important thing to him: his partner. Similar to his hit song "Buy Dirt," the song's message is about settling down with the person you love. 

1. "Buy Dirt" (featuring Luke Bryan)

In 2021, Davis teamed up with Luke Bryan for "Buy Dirt," a tune that appears on his EP of the same name. This tune finds the artists, who are both dads, essentially singing about the American dream: settling down on a piece of land with the one you love and raising some kids. Davis and Bryan share the message of the song by dispensing wisdom given to the song's subject by an 80-year-old man. The tune is full of wholesome advice on how to enjoy the simple things in life, and Davis and Bryan take the message to heart and share it with listeners. "Buy Dirt." reached the No. 1 spot in January 2022.

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