Jon Cryer Breaks Silence On Feud With Andrew McCarthy
Photo By Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

Jon Cryer Breaks Silence On Feud With Andrew McCarthy

Last month, I went over what the Brat Pack was and the "members" therein. (Again, I'm not gonna fight y'all over member semantics. We only have but so many words, after all!) So, today, we're going to get right into the drama. Did you know there was dissension in the Brat Pack between Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy?

Per Entertainment Weekly, the two found themselves at odds while shooting Pretty in Pink. "He and I famously did not get along when we were shooting Pretty in Pink," Cryer would confirm on The View. "It was because there was tension. Interestingly, I saw him backstage and we had a lovely time, we had a great talk."

You see, Cryer and McCarthy had a chance backstage encounter on The View back in 2012. Rather than dissolving into a WWE-style altercation, the two talked it out.

"At any rate, what I realize now, he wrote a terrific memoir called Brat, he was already struggling with alcoholism back when we were shooting that movie. I'd projected all this stuff on him at the time, I thought he's this sullen guy that doesn't want to talk to me. We're enemies on the movie, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends," Cryer continued.

"But we just had no rapport whatsoever at the time. I found out later he was going through some tough stuff. That was such a lesson for me, it's all about projection. You never know."

Jon Cryer And Andrew McCarthy Settle Their Years-Long Feud

During a Q&A session on the press circuit for BRATS, McCarthy and Cryer would directly address their former issues.

"When we had done Pretty in Pink together, we did not get along because he was a d—," Cryer said about McCarthy per PEOPLE.

"That's very true," McCarthy responded. Cryer would put a pin on the issue with one final statement.

"But it was lovely because it was like within a moment, it was just so clear that we were teenagers and that does not, that in no way defines who we are now and it was just so lovely. It was immediately warm."