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Johnny Day + Zack Dyer Try to Drown a Heartache One Sip at a Time on 'Every Beer Every Bar'

Rising country artist Johnny Day teams with singer-songwriter Zack Dyer for "Every Beer Every Bar," a rowdy tune about attempting to drown a heartache during a night out on the town.

"Girl I'm gettin' over you even if I have to drink/ Every beer in every bar/ There ain't a cold one too far," Day and Dyer sing. "From California to Mississippi/ Sip every sip til I don't care that you ain't with me/ I'm gonna ride the buzz wherever it's goin' to/ Might be hungover but I know I'll be over you/ So tonight, I'm gonna start with every beer in every bar."

"I wrote 'Every Beer Every Bar' with Morgan Evans and Lindsay Rimes over Zoom in 2020. We felt like it was a hit for someone, so I'm stoked it found its way to a talented dude like Johnny," Zack Dyer tells Wide Open Country. "AND getting to feature on it with him too is the icing on the cake. Crank it up!"

Listen to "Every Beer Every Bar" below.

Below, Johnny Day shares how he became intersted in music, how his work in the oil field prepared him for his music career and the recording process for "Every Beer Every Bar."

What's your background? 

I'm a Colorado boy who grew up in small town called Kersey. My mom bought me a guitar when I was 12, and I started gigging at 13. I wrote and played a bunch of different genres growing up. But country is in my blood, so I naturally ended up going down the path that I am on now.How did you work in the oil field prepare you for a life in music? 

I learned a lot of lessons from the oil field. A big one was accountability. I was put in a lot of situations where I had to solve problems that took banging my head against the wall to figure something out. I could never let myself give up because my boss was depending on me to get the job done. I'm in the same position now, but I just traded my boss for my wife! So, I dip into that mindset still to this today.How did you connect with Zack Dyer and find "Every Beer Every Bar"?

I met Zack through my producers, The 720 (Jarrod Ingram and Blake Hubbard). I heard his voice on a couple demos and loved it. He's also one of the writers for this song too. It's an honor to have him on this track.What's the recording process like with Warner Chappell's The 720 (Jarrod Ingram and Blake Hubbard)?

It's been incredible. I believe they are one Nashville's best kept secrets (for now). I feel very blessed to have found them and have them in my corner. They are masters at what they do.What message do you hope to share with the world? 

The message I hope to put out is to never give up. As long as you're breathing, there's hope. Don't let today's worries, regrets, or shame keep you down. There is a way and if you just Matthew 6:33 every part of your life, he will work together all things for the good of you.


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