Johnny Cash's Home State Will Honor His Lasting Legacy And Contribution To Music
Photos By David Redfern/Redferns and Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images

Johnny Cash's Home State Will Honor His Lasting Legacy And Contribution To Music

Johnny Cash created music that transcended genre and age. Cash was someone who could be light, funny, sorrowful, or introspective at the drop of a hat. The United States Congress apparently feels the same way as the House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation that will keep Cash's legacy intact.

Representing Cash's home state of Arkansas, Congressman Bruce Westerman brought forth H. R. 7180. The bill will designate a post office in Kingsland as the "Kingsland 'Johnny Cash' Post Office." Westerman released the following statement.

"The unanimous passage of this bill is a testament to the legacy Johnny Cash left behind through service to his country, his iconic music, and the deep impact he and his family have had on the Natural State."

Additionally, per CNN, the U.S. Capitol is also set to receive a statue of the country icon! The existing statue of James Paul Clarke — Arkansas' 18th Governor — will be replaced by Cash's influential likeness. This decision is significant as Clarke's statue has resided at the U.S. Capitol for over a century.

Congress Is Adding A Statue Of Johnny Cash To The U.S. Capitol To Memorialize His Legacy

The decision to replace Clarke was surprisingly well-received. Many people had been calling for Clarke's removal, including one of his living descendants, Clarke Tucker.

Kevin Kresse is the sculptor doing the honors for Cash's statue. When deciding on the details to add to the piece, Kresse knew exactly what to do. Kresse included a Bible tucked in Cash's hand and his signature guitar, which he referred to as Cash's "backpack that took him all over the world."

Kresse felt a kinship with Cash as someone who deeply related to where Cash was toward the end of his career. "[When Cash was his age], his star was starting to dim, but he didn't know at the time that some of his most impactful work was right around the corner." Indeed, despite being 62, Kresse feels like he's putting out only his best. Just like Cash before him.

"[Cash] stood up for those who are overlooked, passed over, and pushed off to the side," Kresse told CNN. "[Cash] came from abject poverty and some real trauma and tragedy early in [his] life and I think it really (caused) [Cash] to never forget where [he] came from."