John Wayne Bobblehead
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Display Your John Wayne Fandom With These Three Collectible Bobbleheads


You can put your John Wayne fandom on display with these three bobbleheads representing different roles from The Duke's career (none of which are Genghis Khan).

Royal Bobbles John Wayne Military WWII Bobblehead

Before looking at our cowboy-themed options, consider this representation of Wayne from such military dramas as Sands of Iwo Jima, Flying Leathernecks and In Harm's Way.

Beyond appealing to Wayne fans, this gorgeously-designed collectible will impress the World War II buff and/or military veteran on your shopping list.

Royal Bobbles John Wayne Cowboy Bobblehead

If your preferred version of The Duke sports a cowboy hat, a bullet belt and his signature belt buckle, you'll want this mantlepiece-ready depiction of the classic American cowboy, as seen in McClintock!, The Searchers and other classic films.


All Royal Bobbles figurines stand over eight inches tall and are made from heavyweight polyresin. These limited edition, high-quality items look more realistic and less like toys than a lot of similar movie star memorabilia on the market.

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Funko John Wayne Wacky Wobbler True Grit Bobble Head

A much more expensive option recreates one of Wayne's most iconic and cool looks.

Wayne donned an eyepatch as Rooster Cogburn, a character from Charles Portis' 1968 novel True Grit. The Duke portrayed the character opposite Glen Campbell in the 1969 film version of True Grit. Wayne played the character again in 1975's Rooster Cogburn, alongside co-star Katherine Hepburn.


This multicolor option's one of those collectables that looks more like a toy than Royal Bobbles products. But hey, this cartoony version of The Duke could kick the rest of your action figures' butts.

There's plenty more figurines out there to bulk up your collection, from Johnny Cash's Funko Pop to Elvis Presley collectables and both positive and negative depictions of Donald Trump.

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