South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller's Late Wife Allegedly Claimed Someone Was Stalking Her And Slashed Her Tires
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John-Paul Miller Allegedly Admits He Put Trackers On Mica Miller's Car And Posted Inappropriate Photo Of Her

South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller has allegedly admitted that he put trackers on his late wife Mica Miller's car. He also allegedly admitted to posting an inappropriate photo of her online. The sheriff department has called the FBI to investigate Mica's death.

In text messages with NewsNation, John-Paul alleged that he put trackers on Mica's car to monitor her. He also claimed he did so to try to prevent his wife from harming herself.

"I even hired PI to put trackers on her car to know if she was going to a gun store," John-Paul told NewsNation. "I have never once in my entire life ever hurt her in any way. Ever."

Pastor Allegedly Posted Inappropriate Photo Of Mica

However, in an email obtained by the outlet, the pastor also admitted to posting an inappropriate photo of Mica online. He apologized to his wife in the email.


John-Paul Miller confesses to many of the accusations made against him. And now, the police have the evidence.

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"I'm sorry for putting a picture of you on the internet," he allegedly wrote. "It was for less than one hour and immediately taken down. I was hurt that you are telling everyone horrible intimate details of my past sin, and I just wanted to try and hurt you. Please forgive me. It was evil of me to do that."

In response, Mica reportedly sent an affidavit in which she detailed all of the abuse that John-Paul allegedly committed against her. She wrote, "Since the day we became husband and wife, I have been abused in every way I can think of. Emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially, and physically. He has harassed me physically and electronically with letters, phone calls, emails, and texts, hacking my emails, hacking my personal Facebook, and impersonating me. Using my stolen phone to send texts and emails out to church members pretending to be me, texting friends and family saying that I am sleeping with teenagers from our church, and showing up in person at places around town ... To having installed 3 different tracking devices on my vehicle."

John-Paul Miller Denies Abuse Allegations

Keep in mind that John-Paul and his legal team have also denied any abuse allegations. They threatened to sue anyone who spread rumors that the pastor was abusive.

"Following the untimely death of Mica Miller, unfounded rumors and false accusations began circulating on social media and in various media outlets, suggesting Pastor Miller's involvement in her demise," attorney Russell B. Long said in a news release. "This created a buzz, causing local and national media outlets to be proliferating these falsehoods, on a mammoth proportion. Our client refutes any report that suggests he ever abused his wife."

They wrote, "It has come to light that Mica Miller struggled with mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder, which, when not properly managed, led to paranoid episodes and self-destructive behavior. Again, Mica suffered from mental illness and some reports made by her in the recent past are nonsensical. This unfortunate reality underscores the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues and ensuring those affected receive appropriate support and treatment. We wish to emphasize that, after a thorough investigation by the Robeson County, North Carolina Sheriff's Office, it has been conclusively determined that Ms. Miller's death was the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This finding completely exonerates Pastor Miller of any wrongdoing. These baseless claimes and false reporting have caused immense disress and harm to Pastor Miller and his family and needs to stop immediately."