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'Yellowstone': 5 Ways to Dress Like John Dutton

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Kevin Costner has thrived for years in a ranch setting. The man won an Oscar for directing Dances With Wolves (which he also starred in) and is currently working on a new epic western project that will span several movies. Outside of his career, he even prefers to live a low-key lifestyle with his family in Colorado. But he really shines in his role as John Dutton on the Paramount Network's TV series Yellowstone. Creator Taylor Sheridan did a masterful job creating strong characters that we've loved watching for the past four seasons — Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), to name a few. But the Dutton Ranch wouldn't be the same without its trusty patriarch working hard to defend his legacy, John Dutton. 

If you want to be as ranch-ready as John, we've rounded up some essentials to make you look exactly like Kevin Costner on the hit show.

1. Cowboy Hat

The braided hatband is key. John Dutton wears various hat styles and colors on the show so you really can't go wrong with just a strong felt cowboy hat.

If you're a superfan, Greeley Hat Works has made an exact replica of the John Dutton hat in tan (pictured below), which is available to purchase here, but we think this option from Amazon is a solid affordable choice that gives you the same look and feel. But if the exact brim shape, color, and hatband are important to you, the Greeley version is definitely an investment piece.

2. Yellowstone Vest 

Dutton is the king of sporting cool vests on the show and this Yellowstone Ranch vest is no exception. You'll feel like you're really a ranch hand up in Montana alongside Rip and his bunkhouse crew. It also makes it feel like the Yellowstone is a real place, which we really wish it was!

3. Brown Cotton Jacket

Inspired by the '70s, this cool brown jacket is one of the most identifiable as "John Dutton" on the TV show. It's built to withstand heavy winds, which is perfect for outdoor work on the ranch or even just to keep you warm moving into the cooler fall and winter seasons. Throw it on with your favorite cowboy hat and boots, and people could mistake you for John Dutton on the street. 

4. Grey Longsleeve T-shirt

While button-up shirts are a western classic, you can't go wrong with a basic layering t-shirt such as this. It's perfect to wear under all of your favorite outerwear and even as an extra layer under your button-up in the cold winter months. The buttons take up a notch from your typical everyday tee and make it slightly more interesting.

5. Quilted Vest

As we said before, it wouldn't be John Dutton if he didn't have multiple cool vest options to choose from. He sports various quilted vests on the series but you can't go wrong with a classic brown. It goes with pretty much everything and would look great over a long-sleeved denim shirt, your favorite cowboy boots, and jeans. This is a fall staple for your wardrobe just waiting to happen.

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