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Jim and Nicks Menu: Must Try Items From This Birmingham BBQ Gem

Jim and Nick's menu is filled with BBQ comfort food. Does it get any better than that? Jim 'N Nick's (aka JNN) Barbecue Restaurant started out in Birmingham Alabama in 1985 serving their "scratch-made trimmings." These pitmasters have no microwaves or freezers in any of their 38 locations throughout Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Fresh Southern goodness is what you'll get at Jim 'N Nick's.

Hickory smoked bar-b-q sandwiches like slow smoked pork are must-try meals from the Jim and Nick's menu. Dress casual because we all know bar-b-q can be messy, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q Menu Items You Must Try


Let's start with the trimmings because this is America and we like freedom of choice here. So choose a few of these delicious sides. There are baked beans, coleslaw, slow-cooked collards, hand cut fries, JNN homemade BBQ chips, mashed potatoes, potato salad, baked potato, mac & cheese, and onion rings. You also can have a fresh fruit salad or house salad if you've been blessed with self control. I wouldn't know about that.

Combo Plates are the way to go for the indecisive and hungry. These are two trimmings alongside a rib dinner, pulled bar-b-q chicken or pork dinner, brisket dinner, or a whole chicken dinner.

If you're not in a plate full of meat mood, you're still in a heavenly place. Order the Loaded Bar-B-Q Baker and still indulge in the carnivorous goods. You'll get a large baked potato topped with smoked meats, bacon, cheddar, scallions, butter, sour cream, and BBQ sauce.

Keep it light with just a touch of that famous JNN bar-b-q smoked meat by ordering the Classic Greek Salad. This salad is a fresh mix of hand-cut lettuce, smoked chicken, pepperoncini, feta cheese, olives, cucumbers, red onion, roasted red peppers, and grape tomatoes.

Or try the big salad with the cute name; the Pig in the Garden Salad has mixed green lettuce, smoked bacon, cheddar, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, almonds, and homemade croutons, all topped with low 'n slow smoked pulled pork.

The Carolina Style Pork is chopped pork coated in that famous Eastern Carolina pepper vinaigrette sauce. Are you a spicy foodie? You need to try the Hot Links. These are proudly made in-house at Jim 'N Nicks.

Classic Spare Ribs and Baby Back Ribs are seasoned and hickory smoked. You can also go for the beef brisket. They smoke it for 12 hours low and slow.

The smoked turkey breast is served with their Morgan Co. white sauce. In Northern Alabama, bar-b-q sauce means white sauce. A creamy mayonnaise base spiked with vinegar and black pepper, this sauce was born in Morgan County Alabama, just like Jim 'N Nick's Barbecue Restaurants.

Smoked Bar-B-Q Sandwiches are the stars here because of that classic Martin's Potato old-fashioned bun. You can also have a wheat bun or sourdough sliced bread.

Give your decision-making brain a rest and go for the Double Decker, which is a combination of pulled pork and beef brisket.

Southern food lovers must try Karl's Fried Catfish filet. The sandwich comes on sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato, and homemade tartar sauce. Or get a catfish plate with trimmings. You can't go wrong with a classic pulled pork sandwich with a catchy name like Pig On A Bun.

Jim and Nick's menu offers small plate options that may not have you bringing home leftovers, but you'll have more variety. Southern style deviled eggs, riblets, big breaded onion rings, and buffalo wings all come in smaller portions. Or you could just eat a basket full of the cheese biscuits and call it a day.

Order the Bar-B-Q Nachos. These are crispy chips topped with lettuce, smoked tomato salsa, queso, sour cream, serrano peppers, cheddar, bar-b-q sauce and your choice of any Jim and Nick's smoked meats on top.

Go classic with a Ribeye Steak grilled over a hickory flame, a baked potato and a house salad. And remember, fried chicken tenders aren't just for kids. Order the grown up plate buffalo style with trimmings.

Hickory-grilled fresh ground chuck make up The Southern Burger topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, pickles, and BBQ sauce. You can get a more plain burger with classic American cheese and a choice of fresh toppings.

Original Hickory Smoked Turkey Sandwich gives you the smokey goodness balanced with honey mustard and a puffy Martin's potato old-fashioned bun.

For families, the secret to a good dining experience is keeping the kids busy and fed with food they actually want to eat. There are plenty of choices on Jim and Nicks menu. Go for the grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese, or the smoked chicken drummies, classic spare ribs or pork sliders.

Some locations have a drive-thru where you can order a Piggie Potato from the comfort of your driver's seat. It's a loaded potato topped with smoked pork, bacon, cheddar, scallions, butter, sour cream, and Barbeque sauce.

Order Southern fried chicken tenders for the kids in the backseat and try not to stress about the bar-b-q ranch and honey mustard sauce that will end up on your seats.

Does it get more Southern than banana pudding? Make sure to get that too. And wash it down with the restaurants famous Peach iced tea

If you suddenly find yourself with many mouths to feed, the "Feast In A Flash" family menu will save your sanity. Choose a pork, chicken, or turkey BBQ dinner, chicken tenders dinner, spare ribs dinner, or beef brisket. Jim and Nicks say it serves 3-4 people, or just me after a really bad day. I could eat the Beef Brisket Dinner and a vat of coleslaw all by myself.