Jerry Bruckheimer Has Some Bad News For Top Gun 3
(Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Jerry Bruckheimer Has Some Bad News For Top Gun 3

Top Gun: Maverick took over the world in 2022. People spent decades waiting on a potential followup 1986 blockbuster. After a while, it felt helpless. Maybe there isn't any material for a second one. Maybe Tom Cruise works on another project, probably an additional installment to the Mission: Impossible series. But Maverick finally comes out and it becomes one of the biggest box office hits of all time. Now, people aren't quite ready to let go the idea of a trilogy.

With Paramount eager to capitalize on the film's massive success, they announce development for its 3rd installment is underway. However, don't get too excited. We're still a long way from the finish line. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is currently booked and busy. His hands are currently in the promotional process of his recent films Young Woman and the Sea and Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Moreover, the next installment of Beverly Hills Cop on Netflix sees Jerry in the producer seat once again.

In an interview with Deadline, Bruckheimer enlightens us on where they're at in development for Top Gun 3. "We've got some interesting ideas we've talked to Tom Cruise about, but we don't have a script yet. It will be a while," he emphasizes.

What's The Current Status on Top Gun 3?

At least Top Gun 3 has an operating screenwriter. Co-writer of Top Gun: Maverick Ehren Kruger brings a familiar face and perspective to the table. But as of this moment, he isn't working on it right now. Ultimately, it seems like we're in the mode of pontificating ideas just like Tom Cruise and Bruckheimer are doing.

On a positive spin, they're at least looking at what another Top Gun movie could look like. The second one was decades in the making. We shouldn't be so spoiled. Additionally, we have people on board to come back. Jennifer Connelly is on board. Jerry Bruckheimer is mulling it. Tom Cruise isn't totally committed yet until there's a good idea to dig his claws in. But basically, he's in. It's really just a matter of time and a good plot to get us a new Top Gun.