Jennifer Garner Says Her West Virginia Hometown is 'Not Impressed' When She Visits

Do Jennifer Garner's hometown residents get starstruck by her?

Jennifer Garner may be a widely recognized actress known for movies and TV shows like "13 Going on 30," "Alias" and more, but when she goes back to her hometown of Charleston, WV, she's just Jennifer.

Garner appeared on a recent episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" where Clarkson and the audience had a laugh about a video of Garner attending her nephew's soccer game in West Virginia. The actress mentioned that ever since she became an investor in the National Women's Soccer League team, Angel City FC, she suddenly feels like a soccer expert, even though she admits she's "clueless." That came through in the short clip, during which Garner can be heard emphatically cheering during the high school soccer game. When the camera turns to her, she covers her mouth in disbelief that she was yelling so loudly.

"I'm yelling like I suddenly know what's happening just because I'm an investor in Angel City," she said. "When I go to Angel City, I am clueless, I know I'm clueless, I just am smiling, having a good time."

"But as soon as I'm out, and I'm at my nephew's game in West Virginia, I'm suddenly an expert," she adds. "Yelling things... 'Hey ref, that's a yellow card!'"

Clarkson then mentioned that other people at the game must be surprised to find out that the person yelling is the one and only Garner, but the actress says nobody gets starstruck around her back home.

"I grew up with everybody at the game," she says. "That's my high school, that's my sister, that's my town. They've all known me — they are not impressed."

Garner is an investor in Angel City FC alongside public figures like Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Mia Hamm, Sophia Bush, Abby Wambach, Eva Longoria and Serena Williams. The team was founded in July 2020.

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