Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Is Being "Mindful" of Her Words Following Middle School Drama
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Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Is Being "Mindful" of Her Words Following Middle School Drama

Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie XO says she's holding her tongue about recent events. The celebrity got in a feud with a Tennessee middle school last week over an allegedly suspended student.

On Facebook, she shared, "I tell you what, there is ALOT I want to say about certain things & situations. But if there was one lesson I learned last week was how powerful my following is & how I need to be more mindful of where I direct my energy. ? But y'all pray for me that I learn how to keep my d—n mouth shut please. Cause lawdddd I need it."

Bunnie XO recently called out a middle school in Rutherford County for allegedly suspending a middle schooler for drawing Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll. The mother of the daughter said the project was based on people who inspire you. However, the mother said the teacher found the drawing inappropriate and suspended her.

Bunnie XO could barely contain her rage at learning about the student's situation. She wrote, "Y'all I need your help. There is a little girl who did a project on J & I.. she picked us because of all we've been through & our resilience. For the project she drew a picture of us, THE SCHOOL SUSPENDED HER because of how she drew me! She's in middle school!"

She continued, "How dare they shame a child like this. Please help me find her parents & her, J & I have something we want to do for them. She lives in Tennessee."

Bunnie XO Feuds With School System

The only issue is that the school denied suspending the student. They said it was a false rumor created by the parent. Taking to Facebook, they shared their own post, writing, "We have identified the parent we believe is responsible for starting the original, completely false rumor about a student being punished for a drawing at school. We have reached out to the parent directly but she has not returned our call, nor has she ever contacted the district or the school about any concerns with discipline."

Bunnie XO apparently has some misgivings about the whole situation. Jelly Roll and she held a fundraiser, selling T-shirts of the drawing to raise money for the girl and her family. However, she ultimately cut the fundraiser short. 

She wrote, "I cut the sale short yesterday after an hour because a lot of the things were coming forward about the mom. Tons of accusations with zero documentation. I too have toxic family so none of what they've said has moved me in anyway. And everything the mom has said about the school has been backed by numerous other parents. But being a whistleblower for that school was never my intention. It's always been about this little girl having a voice."