Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Fed Up With 'Gross' Comments
(Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for CMT)

Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Fed Up With 'Gross' Comments

Some people callously bash on others with blatant disregard of their feelings. It hardly matters whether or not the person they speak about sees the hurtful words. It's incredibly arrogant. Thankfully, Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie XO stands up for herself when noise online gets too loud.

Recently, Bunnie posts a screenshot from Facebook, showing one user ignorantly giving their two cents about her choice of surrogacy. The comment reads, "To each their own, I would think carrying the child is so much more of the natural experience of motherhood. It doesn't effect you mentally as much as you might think for most woman, anyway, but yes it will effect that perfect body of yours but not if you take care of yourself really well. No matter the journey you chose, it's yours and wishing you the best."

Bunnie XO Claps Back at Negative Comments About Her Body

Naturally, Bunnie finds this wildly distasteful. Moreover, she grows weary of those speaking on things they know nothing about. Now, she has to explain why she chose surrogacy over pregnancy. "This is so gross. You guys think I don't want to carry because of my body lol," Bunnie scoffs. "When in actuality I'm scared to because I've had two ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages AND at my age, I do not want to go thru that again nor do we have time for me to do that because our life is happening so fast.

Additionally, she warns of how stubborn comments like these affect other people. "Please watch how you say things to ppl on the internet," Bunnie emphasizes. "You aren't in their shoes, you haven't fought their battles & you kno nothing of the journey we've been thru, only what we've told you."

Ultimately, she decides against sharing her journey publicly again because of the invasive nature of public opinion. One user replies, suggesting to make a Patreon. This way, it parses through some of the people who comments mean-spirited things versus those who genuinely care about their journey. Bunnie XO might consider it too, as she replies, "aww this is a good idea."