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Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Broke a Major Rule Onstage at Houston Rodeo

"Your girl messed up."

Jelly Roll headlined RodeoHouston on Wednesday, March 6, and he brought along his wife, Bunnie XO, who had a bit of a faux pas onstage. She explained it all in a video shared to her social media accounts, beginning by saying, "Your girl messed up."

She continues, informing viewers that the Houston Rodeo has a policy of no swearing onstage. At this point, it's pretty obvious where she's going with the story.

"Apparently at the Houston Rodeo, you're not supposed to cuss," she says. "You're not supposed to say one bad word onstage, and if you do, they'll turn the lights on, kick you out and never let you come back again. Nobody told me this!"

As she continues, she reveals that Jelly Roll asked her before the show if she'd like to join him onstage. Her answer was a resounding no.

"I'm already weird and awkward as it is," she says. "75,000 people? I'm not good with a microphone, I'm not good with crowds, and I stick to a script that we have done for the past freaking decade."

Bunnie explains that, despite their conversation, Jelly still pulled her onstage during one his songs. She let the video clip from the moment tell the rest of the story.

Bunnie then cuts to a video of her "blunder," which shows Jelly Roll handing her the microphone. She then shouts an expletive as she greets the crowd.

"Houston, what the f—- is up?!" she says into the mic.

Jelly Roll's immediate reaction is one of dejection, as his face falls and he immediately starts walking away. Bunnie replays his reaction in the clip for comedic effect, writing, "The look of despair," on the video.


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It appears Jelly and Bunnie are safe from being banned from the legendary event at this time. Bunnie isn't the only one who has broken the apparent no swearing rule at the rodeo. Country singer Hardy led the crowd in a mass use of the F-word during his show in early March, according to a fan video. Maroon 5 also uttered a profane word during their performance in 2006, for which they apologized.

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