Jelly Roll Really Wants To Have A Duet With This Country Legend
Photo By Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Jelly Roll Really Wants To Have A Duet With This Country Legend

What Jelly Roll wants, Jelly Roll is likely to get. First, the partnership with Dunkin' Donuts (one of my proudest and most obnoxious writing achievements, by the way). Now, the Jelly on your Telly (this will catch on) wants a duet with someone on the Mount Rushmore of country music!

That legend? Garth. Frickin'. Brooks. Mr. Roll made his intentions known while appearing on Good Morning America during CMA Fest.

"I still wanna record a song with Garth Brooks," Mr. Roll told the outlet. "I'm still campaigning, like, don't let my career end without me and Garth getting one in. Even if we just sung one together in a show, like, just anything with Garth, you know what I mean?"

It's true that Jelly Roll has nothing but momentum going for him. Especially considering his recent chart-busting accomplishments.

If you're feeling a little jelly, that's okay! It's natural. That's just how he rolls! (Leave now — the rest of this article is going to simply be nonsense.)

Jelly Roll Wants To Team Up With One Of Country's Most Influential Stars

"Yee yeee LFG bubba [at]JellyRoll615 he— yes the underdog wins again, LFG Mr. Totem [hashtag]BadApple [hashtag]AngelsAndOutlaws
[at]omgitsbunnie [at]JellyRoll615 yes yes yes he is the [goat emoji] that's #facts"

...I wish I could meet whichever gremlin posted that comment and shake his hand. Never in my life have I seen such a beautifully unhinged, celebratory message.

"Jelly Roll. [The user] don't know what's wrong but I saw you at AT&T Stadium with Kid Rock. I screamed and cried. I was so happy to see you guys. Everything is going to be all right. Stay strong. God bless if you ever need anything your fans are out here saying."

All hail the Jelly. You love him, I love him, and he's taking over. Today, he's breaking charts. Next month, he'll be breaking records when Garth Brooks joins our ranks. In 2028? Who knows? Maybe President Jelly Roll will address us from his rightful spot in the Oval Office. First Lady Bunnie.

Free jelly doughnuts. Free Jelly Roll merch. Freedom in the United States of Jelly.