Jelly Roll Praises God in Emotional Speech at iHeartRadio Music Awards
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Jelly Roll Praises God in Emotional Speech at iHeartRadio Music Awards

Jelly Roll is very thankful for all of the success that he has garnered. The singer recently added Best New Artist Country and Best New Artist Pop at the iHeartRadio Music Awards to his collection of awards. In a speech that's equally part funny as it is moving, Jelly Roll praised Jesus for helping him along the way.

"My mama always told me I had a face for radio, baby!" Jelly Roll said to laughter. "I never would have dreamed I would be one of the voices coming through your radio. And to be the Best New Country Artist and represent country music, and the Best New Pop Artist — you don't know what this means to a kid like me!"

Jelly Roll also got religious for a moment. He thanked God for using him to share a message.

"I was thinking about it," he continued, "What does it mean when a guy like me gets the opportunity to be the new pop artist of the year at iHeartRadio's awards? It means that God will always use the least likely messenger with the biggest message, every single time! You can take it to the bank, baby!"

Jelly Roll earned a standing ovation as he thanked his daughter Bailee Ann as well as his wife. He said, "I love you, Jesus! And I love you, Bunnie, my wife."

Jelly Roll Talks Redemption

In an interview with The Guardian, Jelly Roll opened up about using his platform to help people. He said that God gave him the opportunity to make a difference. 

"I don't look at that as bad at all, man," he says. "God gave me a platform to be useful and of service to people. It's sad to say this, but there's just not a lot of people that write the kind of songs I'm willing to write and talk about the topics I'm willing to talk about, but yet they're so common."

He also opened up about how he tries to help the youth as well. He said that a lot of people give up on them, not giving them a chance. "When I was a kid, I feel like they focused on discipline and not rehabilitation, and dude, when you're 16 years old, I don't care what crime you committed, you don't need to put your nose in the corner. You need a hug. You need somebody to tell you they love you."