Jelly Roll Gets Honest About Success
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Jelly Roll Gets Honest About Success: "Had A Rabbit Foot In My Butt"

Jelly Roll has made quite the redemptive turn since his early days. He went from spending his nights in jail to performing for millions of fans.

The singer isn't afraid to get honest about his past and how he's changed his life. In the past, he's gone on record about being a criminal, even if he wasn't particularly good at it. He also said that his daughter saved him. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel, the singer opened up about how lucky he feels.

"Talk about this journey you've had. Wouldn't you say you are one of the luckiest - forget the most talented - but one of the luckiest guys in your journey of where you could've ended up?" he said. "Absolutely. I always say that talent will get you really far, but if you don't got a horseshoe somewhere hidden in you, you're gonna be in a little trouble. Lucky for me, I had a rabbit foot in my butt, so I've been able to sneak through pretty easily."

Jelly Roll Talks Redemption

Jelly Roll certainly knows how to bring down the house! The audience started laughing, but the singer wondered if he crossed the line. "Can I say that on TV?"

Guest Jane Lynch said, "You just did." The singer also opened up about being in jail. He said that he made some bad decisions as a youth that he regrets. He ended up being in and out of jail for years. However, he said his daughter's birth was almost like a religious experience. It made him want to grow up.

He said, "The short version is that I was incarcerated as a juvenile for some horrible decisions and I ended up in kind of a rotating door of the system for like a decade. I had a daughter that changed my entire life. It was almost like the Damascus Road experience where Saul turned to Paul for me."

Jelly Roll continued, "The moment I was incarcerated, they knocked on my door and told me she was born, and I just wept. It's like the first time I'd cried and I can't quit crying now. Now I cry when I see a squirrel in the street. Spent 30 years not crying and now I can't stop."