Jason Kelce Blasts The Current State Of Country Music
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Fanatics

Jason Kelce Blasts The Current State Of Country Music: "Put On Some F---ING Willie Nelson"

It's safe to say that Jason Kelce isn't a fan of the current state of country music. The retired NFL player recently put the industry on blast, and he says he just doesn't relate to the music these days.

Speaking on his New Heights podcast with his brother Travis, Kelce is concerned about what the future of the industry may be like. He shudders to think what music will sound like 40 years from now. "I feel like I can't go into the future because even trying to relate to, like, kids coming up now... I can't even think about kids 40 years from now. Like, this is gonna be weird," Kelce said. "What's the music gonna be in 40 years?"

He said that current country music just isn't country music anymore.

Jason Kelce Blasts Current Country Music

"Hip-hop in the nineties and hip-hop in the eighties when it was done by, like, dudes that were living that life hits way different than, like, now when it's like auto-tune renditions," he said. "It's the same thing in country music. If I have to hear one more country song that's like, 'I got my boots in my truck going through the fields.' Like, what the f—- are we talking about? That's not country music. That's not country music."

"Put on some f——— Willie Nelson," Kelce added. "I am tired of country music and what it has become. It is horse——. Horse——." However, his brother Travis said that he "like[s] some of the country music coming out." Both agreed that there were a couple artists that they can stomach.

However, Kelce is a big fan of one singer in the country music landscape.

"Like, I can listen to modern country, and I can listen to, like, modern hip-hop when I'm out in the right environment," Jason said. "But listening to it to, like, really enjoy it, like Willie Nelson, to me, the way he wrote songs, like Chris Stapleton, obviously, right now."

"He's a super performer," Travis said. "That's what I'm saying. It's a band. When you're playing the music and got a voice like that, that's forever."

"Tried and true," Jason added.