Jake Owen Takes His ‘Love Bus’ on an Epic Road Trip


Jake Owen is hitting the road to spread peace, love and music to his fans across the country.

On Feb. 29, the “Real Life” singer explained his plans to visit fans while embarking on an epic road trip in a three-minute video posted to his Facebook page.

“As you all know, I have a new album coming out, a new single coming out called, ‘American Country Love Song,’ he says. “I had this exciting idea to spread love as much as I can, spread positivity. All of y’all out there know over the years that I love to spontaneously interact with my fans and friends out there on the road.”

He goes onto to explain his longtime love for Volkswagen busses, and how he’s always wished he could travel back in time to the  1960s and 70s to take a cross-country road trip. He’s made that dream a reality by purchasing a revamped 1966 Volkswagen bus – nicknamed “the Love Bus” – which will travel from Nashville to Key West. Fans who spot the brightly-colored bus will be able to meet Owen and hear him perform some of his brand new songs.

So how can you track down the Love Bus? “We’re going to post to Twitter and Instagram, keep you updated to where we’re going, what we’re gonna do, how we can interact with you,” Owen explained. “Let’s spread some positivity and love.”


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Jake Owen Takes His ‘Love Bus’ on an Epic Road Trip