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'NCIS' is a Spin-Off of the U.S. Navy Drama 'JAG'

It's pretty incredible to see the NCIS universe that's been built on CBS over the past 19 years. The naval drama has led to numerous spinoffs in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and soon Hawaii, but did you know that NCIS itself was a spinoff? That's right! We wouldn't have Leroy Jethro Gibbs if it wasn't for the original series, JAG.

Though it ran its first season on NBC, JAG ran for an additional 9 seasons on CBS through the 90s and early 2000s. Series creator Donald P. Bellisario was a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps and did an excellent job creating a series around the U.S. Navy's branch of the military. Though it's been nearly two decades since JAG ended, some of its original cast members still appear on NCIS from time to time, reprising their roles from the original TV show.

Here's where the cast of JAG has been since the popular show ended in 2005.

1. David James Elliott - Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr.

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Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb was an aviator turned JAG lawyer. Harm rose through the ranks throughout the show and ended up as a Captain by the end of the series. David James Elliott reprised his original role in several episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and went on to appear on several TV shows including Close to Home, The Guard, Scoundrels, GCB, and most recently the Netflix series Spinning Out. 

2. Tracey Needham - Meg Austin

Lieutenant, Junior Grade Meg Austin was Harm's partner in season 1 while JAG was running on NBC. Her character was cut when the show was picked up in season 2 by CBS. Needham went on to appear on VR.5, The Division, and Veronica Mars. It seems that she's retired from acting as she hasn't appeared in anything since 2010.

3. Catherine Bell - Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie

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Mac stepped in as Harm's partner in season 2 and stayed with him until the end of the series, following in love with him along the way. She starts out as a Major assigned to the Navy's Judge Advocate General but ends the show as second in command. Though Bell has reprised her character on NCIS: Los Angeles, these days she is best known for starring in The Good Witch films and television series on the Hallmark Channel.

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4. Patrick Labyorteaux - Budrick "Bud" Roberts, Jr.

Lt. Cmdr Bud Roberts made a few appearances in the first season of the show before officially joining the cast and staying on for the remaining 9 seasons. Labyorteaux has reprised his role multiple times on NCIS as well as appeared on The Last Frontier, Without a Trace, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, American Crime Story, and Scandal.

5. John M. Jackson - A.J. Chegwidden

Rear Admiral Chegwidden was a no-nonsense former SEAL who was always there for his "people" when they needed him. The character was incredibly memorable so it's no surprise that Jackson reprised his character several times on NCIS: Los Angeles. The actor also went on to appear on BonesGhost Whisperer, and Castle.

6. Scott Lawrence - Sturgis Turner

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Sturgis was an old Naval Academy classmate of Harm's and a fun rival to face off against in court. Lawrence has gone on to appear on 24, Fear the Walking Dead, Mr. Mercedes, and Unbelievable. 

7. Zoe McLellan - Jennifer Coates

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Petty officer Jen Coates appeared on seasons 7-10 of JAG. While many of her castmates reprised their original characters in the NCIS universe, McLellan played Special Agent Meredith Brody on NCIS and on the first two seasons of NCIS: New Orleans.

8. Karri Turner - Harriet Sims

Lieutenant Harriet Sims replaced Bud Roberts as Officer in Charge of Public Affairs at the USS Seahawk and went on to marry him later in the series. She was a friendly character and integral to the JAG family. Following her days on JAG, Turner only appeared in a couple of episodes of Heroes and played a new character, Micki Kaydar, on NCIS.

9. Trevor Goddard - Mic Brumby

Lieutenant Commander Michael "Mic" Brumby was a notable recurring character from the Royal Australian Navy in seasons 4-7. Following his role on JAG, Goddard appeared in  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

In 2003, Goddard was found dead at his home in Los Angeles.

10. Andrea Parker - Caitlin Pike

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Commander Kate Pike started off in the first season having an attraction with Harm but after spending a weekend together, they decided it was just a fling. Parker ended up leaving the show to star on The Pretender but did come back in season 6 when she filed a lawsuit against a superior officer. Parker went on to star in multiple other series including Less than Perfect, Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars, and Red Band Society.

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