Lyndsay Burginger

Jackson Morgan Banana Pudding Cream Liqeuer is a Southern Dessert in a Bottle

Love classic Southern desserts and booze? Do I have some news for you! Yesterday, while running into the liquor store to grab some vodka to infuse for homemade Christmas gifts I noticed a display of holiday-themed liqueurs. There was peppermint moonshine and spiked eggnog, but what really caught my eye was a bottle of Jackson Morgan Banana Pudding Cream. Yes, a sweet southern cream that tastes exactly like your Mama's famous southern pudding.

What is Jackson Morgan Banana Pudding Cream?

Jackson Morgan, a Tennessee craft whiskey cream company, is relatively new to the drink industry. American made, Jackson Morgan southern cream wants to bring the fun flair and flavor that's been missing from traditional whiskey cream. The cream liqueur can be enjoyed on ice or shaken into a retro cocktail. This boozy banana cream fits the bill.

The first banana pudding liqueur on the market, the Jackson Morgan southern cream banana pudding liqueur has already won three awards, including Best in Show at the 2017 WSWA Tasting Competition and Platinum at the 2018 SIP Awards. It's creamy and banana-y and I can imagine it goes fantastic with ice cream. Add some vanilla ice cream to the blender, pour in a hearty glug of the Jackson Morgan banana pudding cream liqueur, and you've got yourself a milkshake to enjoy to the very last drop.

The company offers a number of playful southern flavors, including Southern Bread Pudding, Whipped Orange Cream, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Peaches & Cream, Salted Caramel, and Peppermint Mocha. Just imagine pouring a shot of peppermint mocha into your coffee or mug of hot chocolate.

Want to add one of these flavors to your bar cart? Check out the location map on the Jackson Morgan website. Currently, the cream liqueur is available on the East coast but hopefully, the brand will be nationwide soon. You can also order online at Drizly.

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