Add Canned Armadillo and Raccoon to Your Plate of Creamed Possum

How are you going to claim you're from Texas and have never tried canned armadillo? Down here, we can make a meal out of just about anything. We don't believe in waste. Now, I've been around the world and have tried coq au vin and caviar, but nothing beats a can of dillo! Don't even get me started on creamed possum in coon fat gravy.

If I had to pick between armadillo Picante and creamed possum with sweet potatoes, I wouldn't know what to pick. For armadillo, you need a bit of an acquired taste. Also, if you're reading this far, I hope you know I would never ever eat this. These canned foods are the perfect Christmas gag gifts for your Southern friends and family.

Six-Pack of Gag Canned Meat: Creamed Possum, Armadillo, Dillo, Raccoon, Yeti and Squirrel!

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You can get this 6-pack of gag canned meat on Amazon just in time for the holidays. If you're participating in a gift exchange this year, you'll want to throw these in a box of Christmas gifts for laughs. It includes creamed possum, two armadillo cans, yeti, canned raccoon, and squirrel.

If you got a kick out of creamed possum, you'll laugh until you cry when you see a can of raccoon. Don't worry, the can is full of composted organic material, nothing that will rot! I can't wait to put this in my mom's stocking.

Practical jokes are the best! Give these 'canned meat' gag gifts to someone with a sense of humor. They'll appreciate it. Here's an idea. Electric can openers are a hot gift this year. Get your loved one a brand new can opener and throw this in their gift box as well. I'm sure they'll burst out laughing when they said a can of armadillo on the half shelf.

I'm all for harmless practical jokes and funny gift exchanges!

This post was originally published on December 4, 2019.

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