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The Jack in the Box Menu is Filled With Yummy Snacks

When it comes to fast food, some places just get the menu perfectly right for whatever late-night snack or munchie meal you're looking for. Jack in the Box is one of those places. A quick look at the Jack in the Box menu reveals that the fast-food restaurant has something for everyone — from cheeseburgers to french fries to hashbrowns to spicy chicken offerings and so much more. And you can get them all at the counter or the drive-thru!

We decided to pick out just a few of the menu items from the San Diego-founded fast-food joint to give you an idea of all the yummy snacks Jack in the Box has to offer in the United States. Do you have a favorite?

1. The Sourdough Jack

This burger option is a beef patty that comes with bacon, tomato, Swiss-style cheese, mayonnaise, and ketchup, all on — you guessed it — sourdough bread. Yum!

2. Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

The Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger sounds a lot like most cheeseburgers at other restaurants, except it has two beef patties and three slices of bacon to add to the bacon-y goodness.

3. Southwest Chicken Salad

We know, we know. Who goes to a fast food place for a salad? Well, this one is worth it. According to Jack in the Box's website, it includes, "shredded cheddar cheese, roasted corn, grape tomatoes, black beans, spicy corn sticks, and creamy southwest dressing." Delicious.

4. Jack's Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

?Can you get one of these at McDonald's? The teriyaki bowl is a delicious combo of chicken, veggies, and rice that you won't want to miss.

5. Stuffed Jalapenos

Looking for a quick snack? The stuffed jalapenos at Jack in the Box are great if you want something a little spicy.

6. Tiny Tacos

The tiny tacos are just like regular tacos, only, well, tiny! They are as tasty as they are cute.

7. Seasoned Curly Fries

Watch out Arby's, because Jack in the Box is coming for your curly fries crown!

8. Stacked Bagel Sandwich

Yes, this place has breakfast sandwiches, too! The stacked bagel sandwich doubles the fun with two sausage patties, two eggs, and two slices of melted American cheese on a bagel.

9. Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito

Are you more of a breakfast burrito fan? This burrito has three different kinds of meat — bacon, sausage, and ham — with scrambled eggs and cheese on a flour tortilla. Yummy.

10. Chicken Nuggets

Who doesn't love a chicken nugget? The Jack in the Box menu includes both chicken nuggets and crispy chicken strips, depending on what you're in the mood for.

11. Egg Rolls

Did you know the Jack in the Box menu includes egg rolls? Now you do!

12. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Shake

Now we move onto the drinks and shakes. This perfect-looking Oreo cookie ice cream shake comes with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

13. NY Style Cheesecake

That's right — a fast-food place with cheesecake for dessert! Why not give it a chance?

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