Isaly's: Home of the Klondike Bar

There are plenty of delicious ice cream brands available at the grocery stores these days. It's actually quite overwhelming at times figuring out which one you like best. One ice cream creation that sticks out is Klondike Bars. Created in the early 1920s and shaped in squares, Klondike Bars contain a creamy ice cream filling which is dipped in Swiss milk chocolate and then wrapped in their silver-colored wrapping.

The texture of this frozen treat is on point, too. The snap from the chocolate along with the rich, smooth ice cream makes for the perfect bite. What could be better? Klondike Bar flavors have now expanded from the classic original to flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate, and my favorite, Oreo.

So, where did this all begin? Klondike Bars have a long history and were once only found at Isaly's, a small chain of restaurants, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as just outside of Youngstown, Ohio.

According to their website, Isaly's dates back to 1833 when Swiss cheesemaker, Christian Isaly settled in Monroe County, Ohio. After a lot of dedication and hard work, generations of the Isaly family eventually expanded from just cheese making to dairy farming, set up storefronts and formed Isaly's Dairy Company.

Selling farm-fresh dairy products, cheeses, and deli products, retail stores were found in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, as well as West Virginia. Best known for their signature products like Isaly's chipped chopped ham, Skyscraper cones, original BBQ sauce, and old fashioned ice cream, one of the most popular items sold were Klondike Bars.

Demand became so overwhelming for Klondike Bars, that this Isaly's ice cream treat was hard to keep up with. Fast forward and Klondike Bars were not only just being sold in Pittsburgh and Ohio but expanded to Florida, New York, New England and eventually across the country. I guess the popular jingle, "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?' really got people thinking and wanting more! Now, you can't walk through the frozen aisle without passing a variety of Klondike Bars.

Today, there are three Isaly's store locations still up and running around southwestern Pennsylvania, so if you're ever in the area be sure to check it out. Even if you don't make it to one of their locations, remember Isaly's name and history when you pick up a pack of those delicious frozen ice cream squares.

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