Move Over Parmesan Cheese, Kraft Just Dropped Mac & Cheese Shakers

Make room on the dinner table salt and pepper! You can now buy Kraft Mac & Cheese powder in a shaker. Here at Wide Open Eats we love telling you about the best hot sauce to sprinkle over your favorite meals, but this time we're going to let you know how to make your lunches and dinners cheesier.

I'm all over this idea. The only thing I have in my pantry to cheese up my food is parmesan cheese. Right when I was thinking that I needed a variety, Kraft swoops in to save the day. I think macaroni and cheese powder would amp up that leftover pasta and veggies! (It would taste delicious on cauliflower and peppers).

Kraft Cheese Powder Cheese Sauce Mix, 20.75 oz

Can you imagine broccoli and cheese, but with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese powder? I'm drooling. That cheddar cheese sauce still tastes as good as it did 15 years ago. Over my life, I have had plenty of boxed mac for dinner and plenty of Kraft Easy Macs for quick snacks and still manage to crave it each week.

Grab the cheese powder at your local grocery store or add it to your online grocery cart. This 20-ounce bottle of cheddar cheese powder is on Amazon for $17. It looks like the powdered cheese is the #1 New Release under sauces. Considering Kraft has the best instant mac of all time, it's no surprise!

I wouldn't even be shocked if these sold out soon. Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. There have been plenty of nights in college when the only thing that sounded enticing to eat was mac 'n cheese.

Kraft, this cheese will always hold a special place in my heart. The next time I make a casserole, I'll have to add this cheese mix to the recipe.

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