Is the Cinch Smart Tent Really the Future of Camping?

As an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, I'm always fascinated about the latest technology in the outdoor industry. Innovative technology that can make a fire virtually smokeless or a hammock designed to hold your beer all have the potential to shape the future of the outdoor experience. In my recent search in new gear updates, I came across a revolutionizing product that has the ability to change the way we think of car camping, and that product is the Cinch Tent.

I've heard of tent hammocks and connecting tents made for modular camping, but the Cinch Tent has one thing going for it that they don't: it's a smart tent. While you may have already heard about the world's first 4G Smart Tent that debuted at the Glastonbury Festival in England, that tent is more so a hang out area with an on-site 4G network that is not practical except for public camping at festivals - or possibly your front yard. The Cinch on the other hand is a portable smart tent made for campsites.

The solar powered technologies and easy setup of the Cinch camping tent is revolutionizing how we view car camping. Designed for those who want to enjoy the outdoors while still having some of the luxuries of home, the Cinch is completely solar-powered.

With this smart tent, living off the grid is an easy option. The tent offers dimmable 3,500-lumen lanterns - more than you're car headlights - that is completely controlled by your smartphone. If you're the type to wonder off at night, this could be a good thing. Simply hit the button on your phone and the tent illuminates. Want to set the mood with colored lanterns? The tent already has you covered with 365 colored lighting options that you can choose from.

Beyond the lights, the tent will also charge your phone thanks to the 21-watt solar power charger that has enough power to charge six iPhone 7s. Don't worry about where to stash it, a built in roof top port stores the phone, which also keeps it dry in wet conditions.

Along with the latest tech-inspired comforts, the Cinch has non-powered features making it perfect for the fellow glamper. To start, it makes camping a more comfortable experience with a large roomy living area as well as two canopied entrances that double as porches and storage areas.

The entire thing is fully waterproof and double-skinned to prevent condensation, along with double-taped heat-sealed seems to prevent dampness. As well as keeping water out, the groundsheet secures the tent so no bugs or dirt make their way in from the bottom. The ventilation aspect is also nice considering it allows air to circulate so you won't find yourself suffocating once the sun rises.

As a bonus, they also offer a Cinch Hub. The pop-up pod is an extra living area that allows for tent connectivity. That means if you have other buddies with the Cinch you can take advantage of this connected camping experience and make one giant tent maze - which would be great at the next music festival or camp outing. The Hub is also a bonus because it offers an area to hang out with shelter overhead and panoramic doors. This could come in handy if you find yourself caught in a summer storm and don't want to be confined to the inside of a tent.

If you're not so outdoors inclined and find tent construction a rather daunting task, don't worry. The Cinch got its name for a reason, it pops up in a few seconds. That way you have more time to relax and hang around the camp. The only thing this glamping pop-up tent seems to be missing is a wifi hotspot and a mini fridge full of beer.

More than a tent, the Cinch is a living space. Made for the festival goer, glamper, and car camper, this is the tent you want if you like a little bit of luxury with your outdoors experience.

The tent is featured right now on Indiegogo with various tent size options depending upon the number of people you have in your party - there's a two, three, and four person tent size. Get it while it's going though, the crowd fundraising campaign is about to end and something tells me prices may jump.

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