Solo Stove

I Tested the Smokeless Solo Stove. Here's Why Every Outdoor Enthusiast Needs One.

What if there was a fire pit designed to keep you warm while preventing smoke from wafting your way? What if that same technology could be used to cook your food or warm up your cowboy coffee when you're roughing it in the outdoors? Thanks to the folks over at Solo Stove, that technology now exists.

A fire that's virtually smokeless? Sounds to good to be true, but it isn't. I have been fortunate enough to test out the Solo Stove Bonfire and the Solo Stove Lite, and I couldn't be more impressed. In fact, I would say I'm obsessed. The innovative design practically eliminates smoke, producing the most mesmerizing flame.

So how does this technology work? It all has to do with the engineered airflow of this double wall and lightweight wood burning stove.

As the fire is lit, cool air flows through the bottom vent holes, fueling the fire at the base as the air rises up through the flames. The precision plate allows oxygen to feed the embers through the air intake holes, which in turn burns biofuel hotter and faster.

The vent holes at the top of the stove cause a "secondary combustion" which allows preheated oxygen to fuel the flame creating a more efficient burn, while creating little smoke.

The fire ring at the top then acts as a means to keep the fire centered, creating an unique flame. There is also an ash pan that prevents ash from blocking the airflow as it keeps the ground beneath the stove cool.

The Solo Stoves come in varying sizes - Solo Stove Lite, Titan, Campfire, and Bonfire. Each one is sized according to your needs. Like the Bonfire, they have the same innovative technology, except unlike the Bonfire the other three come with built-on cooking ring so you can cook over an open flame.

When it comes to the ultraportable Solo Stove Lite, this is ideal cooking for one to two people. The stainless steel stove is just under six inches tall and weighs in at a mere nine ounces, making it the perfect ultralight backpacking stove to use to boil water or cook using a solo pot.

Relying on twigs and small sticks as fuel, there is no need to worry about hauling around a can of gas, or running out of fuel for that matter. For $89.99 - now on sale for $69.99 - you can get the Solo Stove Lite and use nature to light your camp stove.

The Bonfire on the other hand is my favorite. One test of this product and you can easily see why the company claims "the world's most unique fire pit." When this guy gets going, you stay warm without the need to fight the changing direction of smoke. A promise that traditional wood stoves or even a backyard fire cannot keep.

Weighing in at 20 pounds, it is heavier than the other stoves, but when you think about the average weight of your backyard fire pit, that's nothing. And unlike other fire pits, the Bonfire is transportable so you can bring the party with you.

At 14 inches tall and 19.5 inches wide, I would say you can comfortably fit six people around this bonfire without worry about overcrowding camping chairs.

The ease at which the fire starts is an added bonus. Some bonfires take a great deal of love and care to get going. With the Bonfire all you need is some kindling and a tee-pee of logs.

Light a match and the fire gets started instantly - even when the wind is blowing. Be careful though, those mesmerizing flames are heating up the entire burn chamber and stove. Being stainless steel, you'll want to let the stove cool down before transporting it.

Practically no smoke, minimal ash, and a crazy super efficient burn, the Bonfire is worth the price of $349.99. As a bonus, if you buy it before January 7, you can get it for $299.99. In my opinion that's a steal considering the quality of the product.

Whether you're a camper, hiker, backpacker, or simply want one for your own backyard, the eco-friendly wood burning Solo Stove's are the future of outdoor campfires and cooking.

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