Irish people try
Screengrab via YouTube

Irish People Try Thanksgiving Food for the First Time


As much as we all love our Thanksgiving feast, for other cultures, our dinner choices are a bit confusing. A few Irish men and women decided to try out some of our traditional dishes for the first time, and their reactions are priceless.

Overall, they seemed to like the taste of the food but weren't really sure what they were eating. Sadly, when it came to the turkey and dressing, they gave some mixed reviews. A few of the people loved the stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce combination. But others thought the entire dish was just too dry and bland.

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To wrap up the meal, the Irish folks had a big ole' piece of pecan pie. Personally, I prefer pumpkin pie, but these guys seemed to really enjoy their samples. Plus, it'd probably taste a little bit better if they had an entire home-cooked spread from a real Southern grandma.

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