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The Most Googled Thanksgiving Recipe in Every Southern State

Every year, people across America cook up a gigantic feast for Thanksgiving. Countless sides and family heirloom recipes make an appearance at the table. But every state has a different take on what has to be included in the Thanksgiving feast — and it’s not always turkey!

The New York Times recently teamed up with the geniuses over at Google to find out what recipes people in each state search for close to Turkey Day. You can see their complete findings here.

Some states out west have funeral potatoes, persimmon bread and frog eye salad as the most Googled results. However, the Southern states, which we decided to focus on, tend to have dishes that make you feel instantly at home and completely stuffed.


Flickr/Eliza Adam

Alabama searched for “sweet potato dumplings” 40 times more than all the other popularly searched items.


Flickr/Sandra Holte

If you like whipped topping, chocolate pudding, cream cheese and all things comfort than you have a lot in common with Arkansas. The famous four-layer delight tops the most searched terms there.


Flickr/Cary Bass-Deschenes

The luscious culinary traditions of Florida can only mean a good dessert has to come out of the mix. “Flan de calabaza” was searched only slightly more than “flan de queso” and “yellow squash casserole”.



What is bright, citrus-flavored and Googled in Georgia? Key lime cake!



The classic “chess bars” won out over “hot brown” and “derby pie” in Kentucky.


Flickr/Andy Melton

The distinctive flavors of Louisiana are apparent when you realize that “mirliton casserole” won out. No, it’s not a dance from the Nutcracker but it is a flavorful squash dish.

Texas and Oklahoma


Both Oklahoma and Texas can’t get enough of that sopapilla cheesecake.


Southern Style Collard Greens

Virginia represented for the collard greens. Someone had to!

West Virginia


Forget the turkey. West Virginians seem to be searching for “deer jerky” a lot more vigorously than turkey. 26 times more than other dishes, in fact. Probably because it’s the beginning of buck hunting season around the end of November.

North Carolina

Wikipedia/Layer cake

Wikipedia/Layer cake

North Carolina boasts one of the more surprisingly named desserts with the famous “pig pickin’ cake.” Fruity, refreshing and sweet.

South Carolina

Flickr/Dave Gammon

And South Carolina follows closely behind with a pineapple casserole that blurs the line between savory and sweet.


Flickr/Southern Foodways Alliance

Mississippi proudly tied for asparagus casserole and coconut cake as the signature Thanksgiving dishes.

While these numbers don’t reflect the whole story, they give a pretty striking overview of what we’re all eating.

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The Most Googled Thanksgiving Recipe in Every Southern State