Watch Irish Folks Try Texan Food for the Very First Time

There's no place like Texas. Whether it's the weather, the State Fair, or Whataburger, the Lone Star State takes everything to the next level. That's why it's always a treat to introduce new folks to Texan food, especially if they're not from the United States originally. The over-the-top combinations of smoked meat, loaded chili (with no beans, ever), and pecan pie can send anyone in a food coma tizzy so delicious, it's hard to stop eating.

That being said, are all Texan dishes show-stoppers to those from Ireland? The pairing is a smart one. Standard Texas cuisine and traditional Irish cuisine are hearty and meaty, just in different ways. Where Ireland touts its Cottage Pie, a minced beef or lamb extravaganza topped with mashed potatoes, Texas has its smoked barbecue. Where Ireland focuses on fresh cheese from the countless dairy farms, Texas turns it into queso, a renowed food group special to every Texan.

So what did Irish folks have to say after taste-testing Texan food?

While mushroom soup was a bit of a shock, it seemed to be a good warm-up into the main event: meat. However, we might have switched out chicken wings for brisket—there's nothing like that first taste of brisket that just melts in your mouth. 

And maybe next time they can serve up a good ol' Shiner Bock to go with all of that barbecue. It's the perfect beer for all Texas cuisine, from pork ribs to pecan pie.  Here are some of our favorite comments for each pick.

1. Mushroom Soup

"Hate mushroom soup!" "Rank!" "Wouldn't have sprung to mind as Texan food."

2. Chicken Wings

"Definitely Texas." "I can still get the flavor of chicken and the taste of barbecue. It's a combination to die for." "Barbecue chicken, Texas!"

3. Pork Ribs

"Lovely barbecue smell again." "Fall off the bone."

"How do people from Texas go on dates?" "A mighty fine rib."

4. Chili 

"Red hot Texas-style chili." "Lovely and tender." "A bowl of meat. Send me some veggies or something."

5. Chicken Fried Steak

"Deep fried steak?!" "Ooowee, that's a good battered steak!"

"Give me five years in Texas, I'll kill myself with the food." "And the heat."

6. Pecan Pie

"That crust is so satisfying to chew." "Amazing." "Gooey stuff in the middle is good as well." "Thank you, Texas!"

As for the quote about asking how people from Texas go on dates with such messy, good food? It doesn't matter in Texas because everyone is sweaty, hot, and enjoying themselves either way!

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