Internet Is Flooded With Memes And Jokes About Trump And Biden Following Presidential Debate
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Internet Is Flooded With Memes And Jokes About Trump And Biden Following Presidential Debate

Ah the Presidential Debate! Donald Trump and Joe Biden traded blows in the first of two debates. We'll keep things neutral here at Wide Open Country. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide who you want to support. But it's hard not to acknowledge that the internet is the big winner of the Presidential Debate.

Memes already began flooding the internet before the debate even ended. As one person put it, "This is really sad and amazing at the same time....." Another person used one of Trump's quotes about Biden as a sound bite, saying, "I don't really know what he said just now, and I don't think he knows what he's saying either."

We're going to avoid some of the more politically charged memes, but people took potshots at Biden and Trump during the debate. Check out some of them below.


Presidential Debate Heats Up

As for the Presidential Debate itself, Trump and Biden came to blows on a number of hot-topic issues during the Presidential Debate. The border was one topic.

"He decided to open up our border, open up our country to people that are from prisons, people that are from mental institutions, insane asylums, terrorists. We have the largest number of terrorists coming into our country right now, all terrorists, all over the world, not just in South America, they come from the Middle East, everywhere," Trump said.

"There's never been anything like it, and people are dying all over the place, including the people that are coming up in caravans," Trump said.

Bide pushed back at this idea.

"The only terrorist who has done anything crossing the border is one who came along and killed three — in his administration — an al Qaeda person in his administration — killed three American soldiers," Biden said. "Killed three American soldiers. That's the only terrorist that's — I'm not saying no terrorist ever got through, but the idea they're emptying their prisons, we're welcoming these people, that's simply not true, there is no data to support what he said. Once again, he's exaggerating, he's lying."

Meanwhile, the economy was another issue as well. Both Biden and Trump shared their thoughts on tax breaks. Biden condemned the rich in the country.

"We have 1,000 trillionaires in America — I mean billionaires in America. And what's happening? They're in a situation where they, in fact, pay 8.2% taxes, if they just paid 24%, 25% — either one of those numbers — we'd raise $500 million dollars — billion dollars, I should say — in a 10-year period," he said. Biden struggled to find the right words.

"Excuse me," he said, "dealing with everything we have to do with...look if we finally beat Medicare.

"He did beat Medicaid, beat it to death, that he's destroying Medicare," Trump deadpanned. The two's strong personalities and general dislike for each other made it easy for people to meme them. At one point, the two debated who was better at golf for instance. The debate gives the internet plenty of material for people to use for political memes.