These Infused Vodka Flavors are Perfect for a Fancy Cocktail

Making your own infused alcohol is a fun way to experiment with flavors and diversify your liquor cabinet, along with being perfect for gifting. From strawberry vanilla vodka to jalapeno tequila, if you can think of it, you can probably make it. The best part is, unlike making wine or brewing beer, you can have jars of delicious infused alcohol in a matter of hours or days! Here are five dangerously delicious flavors of infused vodka.

How to Infuse Vodka

The first step of infusing alcohol is deciding on your liquor and flavors. This depends on your preferences, and any common liquors like vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey and gin will work great. Vodka infusion is the perfect place to start because of its minimal flavor and ability to easily soak up any new flavor additions.

As for which flavors to infuse into your liquor, you can use basically anything, but fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and spices are the most popular ways to go. Just think about what your favorite cocktails are- if you love a pina colada, maybe you want to infuse coconut. For a warm autumnal liquor, use cinnamon sticks or anise. If you're into the fruity drinks, maybe strawberry or mango-infused liquor will make your heart sing. If you're planning on using this for gift giving, think of which cocktails your gift recipient enjoys.

Once you've narrowed down your choices, you need the necessary supplies: a bottle of liquor, your flavorings, and a glass jar with an airtight lid. Mason jars a great way to go, since their lids seal automatically. If you're going with fresh fruit, make sure to wash and dry it before starting to infuse. Fruit can be added in large quantities, but if you're doing herbs or spices, you might want to start with smaller amounts to avoid an overpowering taste.

Put your flavorings into the mason jar, add in your liquor, and close the jar tightly. Store in a cool, dark place- use a specific infused vodka recipe to know how long to let it infuse. Fruit can often infuse for weeks, but spices and herbs might only call for a few days of infusion. Once your infused vodka is ready to be strained, pour the liquor through a strainer or fine mesh sieve into a bowl or wide-mouth jar. If your infusion has fruit with small seeds or pulp, use a cheesecloth as well to strain out as much as possible.

Throw away the fruit or sediment, and pour your infused liquor into a clean jar. Seal the jar and return it to a cool, dark place, where it will last indefinitely. When you're ready to enjoy it, make a fancy drink with a bit of simple syrup and a classy garnish. Enjoy your infused alcohol in flavorful vodka cocktail recipes like margaritas, long island iced tea and bloody marys!

Infused Vodka Flavors

Here are five delicious options for DIY flavored vodka! For a visual, this YouTube tutorial shows how it's done:

Vanilla Bean Vodka

Ideal for a sweet cocktail. Add in a splash or orange juice or cranberry!

Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Basil Vodka

Sweet strawberry flavor with fresh basil is hard to beat for a summery refreshment.

Get the recipe here.

Watermelon Vodka

This classic flavor is subtle and delicious, great for those new to infused liquor.

Get the recipe here.

Pickle Vodka

To get savory and adventurous, pickle vodka is the way to go.

Get the recipe here.

Habanero and Bacon Vodka

Bacon is good in anything, right? This one is spicy and delicious.

Get the recipe here.

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