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13 Icebox Cake Recipes That Are So Easy, You Don’t Even Need Your Oven

One of my favorite memories growing up is watching my grandma make one of her specialties: chocolate pudding icebox cake. It's a dessert that she made for her six children growing up and then later for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It's a recipe that's been passed down and her chocolate pudding icebox cake is a dessert that you'll always find on the table at our family parties. It's inexpensive, easy to put together, and always a crowd-pleaser. Her recipe called for layers of creamy chocolate pudding and graham crackers, and topping off a slice with whipped cream is always a must.

There are many other recipes and flavors for this kind of cake, but they all have one thing in common - it's a no-bake dessert. The layers 'cook' or soften in the refrigerator making this an ideal dessert for the summer months since you don't have to turn your oven on. It's also usually a fast dessert to make since most of the total time is the cake chilling in the fridge.

1. Chocolate Icebox Cake

Forget the boxed chocolate pudding because this homemade recipe is even better and just as simple.

For the chocolate pudding, try and find high-quality bittersweet chocolate chunks, for the best flavor. This icebox cake is creamy, full of chocolate flavor, and even Grandma would approve!

Get the recipe here.

2. Lemon Icebox Cake

Refreshing, tart, and bursting with fresh lemon flavor, this lemon icebox cake won't disappoint. In an electric mixer, whip together butter, heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, lemon zest, and lemon juice until peaks form. Layer graham crackers, lemon curd, and the lemon whipped cream in a pan and refrigerate. You can also make this in a springform pan.

You can always make this the night before if you're tight on time.

Get the recipe here.

3. No-Bake Oreo Funfetti Icebox Cake

I'm a sucker for anything funfetti flavored, so I might just be asking for this icebox cake for my birthday this year (hint, hint, husband!). You can't go wrong by layering golden Oreos and cream cheese-funfetti mousse. Garnish it with sprinkles!

Get the recipe here.

4. Mint Oreo Icebox Cake

With just five ingredients, you can have this decadent mint Oreo icebox cake ready in no time for your next event. Line a baking dish with parchment paper and layer mint Oreos and whipped cream. Finish off this dessert with a drizzling of chocolate syrup, crushed Oreos, and chocolate chips.

Get the recipe here.

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

On the shelf, the greatest food combinations is chocolate and peanut, and if they're in a dessert together, that's even better. Just whip up a simple peanut butter whipped cream (no stand mixer necessary) and use that in between thin layers of grocery store-bought chocolate wafer cookies.

It's best to let this cake sit overnight wrapped in plastic wrap, so the chocolate wafers soften up.

Get the recipe here.

6. No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake

Fresh strawberries are at their best flavor right now, so using them in one of your favorite dessert recipes is a pretty great idea!

With an electric mixer or by hand, whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks. The first layer will be graham crackers (chocolate graham crackers would be good, too), then the whipped cream, slices of strawberries, and the final layer being even more whipped cream. A generous drizzle of chocolate ganache makes this super decadent.

Get the recipe here.

7. Banana Pudding Icebox Cake

For a quick dessert to have on the table before company arrives, this icebox cake calls for instant pudding and cool whip, so there's hardly any work involved. Layer the vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers and banana slices and then say hello to your new favorite dessert!

Get the recipe here.

8. No-Bake S'mores Icebox Cake

This cake has all the necessary components to a s'mores, but with a twist. You'll find layers of graham crackers, marshmallow creme, and chocolate ganache.

Get the recipe here.

9. No-Bake Summer Berry Icebox Cake

Need some inspiration for your Fourth of July celebration? This icebox cake is creamy, refreshing, and full of fresh strawberry and blueberry flavor..

Get the recipe here.

10. No-Bake Black Forest Icebox Cake

When it's hot out and you don't want to turn the oven on, let the icebox or refrigerator do all the cooking! This recipe for Black Forest icebox cake gives you chocolate flavor from the chocolate wafers and shavings, richness from the whipped cream, and sweetness from the fresh cherries. What more can you ask for?

Get the recipe here.

11. Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake

If you want to make a dessert for guests of all ages to enjoy, make this icebox cake recipe! Homemade or store bought chocolate chip cookies are layered with a homemade mascarpone (or cream cheese) whipped cream and topped with cookie crumbs.

Get the recipe here.

12. Cannoli Icebox Cake

Fresh cannoli filling, graham crackers, and semisweet chocolate chips make up this simple and light icebox cake. The cannoli filling recipe uses mascarpone cheese, but feel free combine half mascarpone cheese and half strained ricotta cheese, which in my opinion, is the way to go.

Get the recipe here.

13. Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae Icebox Cake

Beat the heat by making a pan of this ice cream sandwich sundae cake. It has all the ingredients that are in a classic ice cream sundae- caramel sauce, hot fudge, maraschino cherries, whipped cream/cool whip, and chopped peanuts.

This is a great recipe to make a day or two in advance since it's stored in the freezer.

Get the recipe here.

This article was originally published on June 6, 2018.

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