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Song Premiere: Ian Fisher's 'Be Thankful' is a Reminder to Live in the Moment

Missouri-raised expat singer-songwriter Ian Fisher shares a stunning folk ballad fitting for any holiday playlist this year with "Be Thankful," a reminder of the power and importance of living with gratitude and embracing the moment.

"Time goes by while we're busy making plans/ Too busy dreaming to see the good things we have," Fisher sings. "Looking back, I'd do it all again/ but be thankful, be thankful."

Fisher says the song, which he co-wrote with Sarah Clanton, was inspired by friends who looked back at days gone by and missed opportunities rather than living in the moment.

"The past and future often overshadow the present. In East Nashville in late 2018, all of the romantic transplants, that crowd of out-of-towner Emmylous and Grams to which I belonged, would nostalgically look back on a Nashville of old that they never knew or look forward to buying a house in Madison or some other suburb where they'd plant roots after touring through their 20's," Fisher tells Wide Open Country. "These verses follow a fictitious couple on that trip through time with a chorus reminding them to be thankful for what they have now. With a nod to an old John Lennon quote, it's a understated anthem of carpe diem. This song was co-written with the talented Sarah Clanton and is one of only two songs that I didn't write alone for this album."

Listen to "Be Thankful" below.

Ian Fisher · 04 Be Thankful


"This is the least country-sounding album I've ever made, but I can't deny that it's still related to that genre that I love through its lyrics and the songs' influences," Fisher says in a press release.

Fisher previously released Idle Hands, Cherry Orchard, Koffer and Nero.

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