I Should Go To Church Sometime
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Hear Tyler Farr's Emotional New Single 'I Should Go to Church Sometime'

Tyler Farr's new single, "I Should Go To Church Sometime," is an emotional tune that starts as a ballad before transitioning into a bit of a rocker. And you can take it however you choose to, according to the singer.

The tune details a certain level of guilt felt about only going to church when it's convenient. Or when you need forgiveness.

For him, the song also comes from a true place about seeking redemption. And, at the same time, the self-imposed guilt he feels of putting off a simple task. Farr told Taste Of Country the song really hits him now that he's married. And, you know, has more than just himself to think about.

But he's also had a lot to think about when it comes to himself. Farr's fans know he's been through the ringer recently. After pulling out of his tour with Lee Brice last year, he went on vocal rest and had surgery. With this new song, he goes about as far vocally as we've ever heard.

By the time he gets to the bridge, Farr goes from a low growl to a total belt. So you know that rest and surgery certainly inspired new confidence. And honestly, his tone developed quite a bit more, too.

Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner wrote the tune. But Farr still feels a strong connection with it — strong enough to release it as a single.

In many ways, the song reaches for something deeper than the typical radio fodder. But that's not to say telling a country crowd to go to church is a dangerous proposition, by any means. Hopefully Farr finds success with the tune at radio, because it definitely brings an element currently lacking in the top 40 of country.

Farr released his first taste of new music back in September with his a song called "Our Town." This new tune marks the second song off his upcoming project, on which Jason Aldean produced at least two songs.

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