Tyler Farr Makes Comeback from Vocal Surgery with New Single 'Our Town'

Curious as to how Tyler Farr sounds after early 2016 vocal surgery? Rest assured, his gravely twang survived. His brand new single "Our Town" is proof of it.

The first single since January's micro-laryngeal surgery, "Our Town" looks to usher in a new era for Farr. But ironically, the song is mostly about lamenting a changing world and instead gripping tight to small-town values.

It's a familiar tale, and one that really doesn't lend itself to much excitement. There's a timely reference to respecting the national anthem and high school football. But the most impressive moment comes in the bridge, when Farr when finally lets a big note belt.

The surgery to remove a vocal polyp certainly sounds like it did its part.

Farr's last album Suffer In Peace came in 2015. Back in January, he had to leave Lee Brice's tour early for the emergency surgery. The ordeal pretty much canned the album as far as promotion and touring goes.

But Farr's as-of-yet unnamed 2017 follow up will likely be a big reintroduction for the singer. Glimpses of what Farr can really do shine through in "Our Town." The singer, who was an All-State choir kid in high school, has a lot more up his sleeve than just tunes like "Redneck Crazy," his breakout single.

With any luck, Tyler Farr's new record will explore his newly repaired voice to even greater depths.

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Tyler Farr Makes Comeback from Vocal Surgery with New Single 'Our Town'