Padma Lakshmi’s Genius Peach Hack Is A Game-Changer

Sumptuous, juicy peaches make amazing cobblers, fruit trays, and much more. There's just one problem: peach pits can be a huge pain to remove. While you can get away with using a paring knife to free the pit, it can be time-consuming and inaccurate. Like peeling eggs, there are dozens of ways to go about it, but none are truly foolproof...except, perhaps, one that celebrity food host Padma Lakshmi tried in a recent Tik Tok clip.

Lakshmi put a viral, time-saving peach pit removal hack to the test that'll change the way you think of prepping this sweet, succulent fruit. It might just inspire you to use more peaches in your cooking. It's the perfect summer fruit as it is, and a sweet peach iced tea or some savory peach jam would hit the spot. And without having to worry about a lengthy pitting process, you may just be inspired to take all your excess fruit from the fridge and start using it again.

Check out Lakshmi trying out the peach hack that has all of TikTok talking.

How to Do The Viral Peach Pit Removal Hack

Lakshmi made the pit removal process look like a quick and easy flick of the wrist. That's really what it all amounts to, because the pair of needle nose pliers required to dig into the peach and remove the pit make the job a very simple process.


It works!!!!! ? (Thanks for the tip @Lori Woosley) #peachhack#pitpeacheasily#needlenosepliers#peaches#peachseason#stonefruitseason#peach#kitchenhacks#cookingtips#summerfruits#cookinghacks

? original sound - Padma Lakshmi

Standing over her sink, Lakshmi takes a pair of washed and sanitized needle nose pliers and pushes the tip in through the top of her peach. She then clamps the pliers down on the pit when she can feel it. With a firm grip on the pit, she performs a quick twist and pulls. The result? An even pull with a "clean" stone, removed straight from the peach's center. There's no wasted flesh from the peach, and the removal is over in seconds. Her satisfaction is obvious and immediate. This hack is a keeper.

"It works!!" Lakshmi captioned her successful attempt. The entire clip only took about 30 seconds, much less of which was her actually removing the pit. So when you get it down, think of how fast you can make it happen!


This viral pit removal hack first hit TikTok on June 13 thanks to a user named Lori Woosley. Since Woosley showed off the super-simple pitting procedure, her TikTok has amassed over a million views, with several comments about how much of a game-changer this idea really is. That's undoubtedly how it came across Lakshmi's feed in the first place. That, and it's probably the most painless way to pit a peach since, well, ever.

It should be fairly easy to replicate with the right tools. Now you can enjoy fresh peaches as often as you want without the hassle of pitting each one or eating around the offending core. Savory and satisfying.

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