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Padma Lakshmi & Daughter Share Bond in Touching Instagram Photo

Padma Lakshmi is most well known as the host of Bravo's Top Chef. In addition to being the Top Chef host, she is a cookbook author, activist, actress, Emmy nominee and mom. Through social media, she gives fan small glimpses into her personal life she shares with daughter Krishna. It appears that Padma and Krishna have a very close and tight knit bond. 11-year-old Krishna is Padma's only child, whom she shared with her partner, Adam Dell. Adam Dell is the brother of Dell, Inc.'s founder Michael Dell, so host Padma Lakshmi certainly is no stranger to fame, either in her own life or in the life of her partner's. While Padma Lakshmi's daughter mainly remains out of the spotlight, her nickname "little hands" is well-known to her followers. Until 2020, Padma kept her little girl's face out of photos. Last year she decided it was time to show her off now, since she is older and has paparazzi pics taken of her every time they are in NYC. Whether in New York City or India, Hollywood stars like Britney Spears and others can certainly attest to the difficulty of keeping the paparazzi away.

Padma's Personal Life

Padma was married to famous author Salman Rushdie, before ending it in 2007. After her divorce, she began dating venture capitalist Adam Dell. She also dated billionaire Teddy Forstmann. She became pregnant with her daughter by Dell, but was in love with Teddy. Padma and Adam were involved in a custody battle, where Adam wanted Krishna to have his last name, Dell, as well as more involvement in her life. The pair agreed to add the last name, making her daughter's full name Krishna Thea Laskshmi Dell. Apparently, Thea Lakshmi was added an an homage to Teddy.

In 2017, Padma and Adam rekindled their romance.

In 2019, Padma was diagnosed with endometriosis. She created the Endometriosis Awareness Fund to bring awareness to women and doctors around the world about the condition.

In 2020, Padma created and starred in the show "Taste the Nation". She travels around the country highlighting different cultures' foods and traditions.

Padma Lakshmi's Daughter, Krishna

Padma's touching throwback photo with little hands represents their unbreakable bond. Little hands appears in throwback photos often snuggling with her mom. Krisha shares her mother's Indian heritage and her love of cooking. She's often appeared alongside her mom on the red carpet, as well as on the set of her TV shows. Padma cannot believe little hands is growing up so quick, but is cherishing every moment.