Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets: Veteran-Owned and the Next Big Thing

If you think eating healthy stateside is hard, imagine doing so overseas where resources are limited and security is at an all time high. Some members of the U.S. military are constantly searching for new and inventive ways to maintain their balanced diets, and one Air Force Officer carefully crafted an idea that would change coffee as they knew it. The best part? It's one that you can support from the the tranquility of your own home.

Officer Will Atkins and his peers were stationed in Afghanistan and had grown weary of the ordinary, flavorless foods they were able to eat, and missing the comforts of home.

What did they do? Formulated a way to spice up their coffee and other dishes in a simple, travel-friendly way; something they call Cinn-credible Cinnamon Packets.

Sourced directly from Indonesia, the cinnamon is ground, packaged, and shipped from Chicago.

As the Kickstarter page states,

"It was important to us to use all-American companies for our production - despite some cost savings that might be achieved by having the packets made in China. Our product is 100% Made in the USA, and we're proud of that!"

Just like the packets of sugar you'd see at a restaurant or local coffee shop, Cinn-credible offers the same convenience and accessibility of a packet of sugar, only they're filled with cinnamon.

On Cinn-credible's Kickstarter page, Atkins goes into detail about when and where the idea arose.

"I was talking with one guy in particular who loved to put cinnamon in his oatmeal. It was his way of getting a taste of home . . . But every time we went to the chow hall, they never had cinnamon. We started talking to some other guys and they said, 'yeah, I like to put cinnamon in my coffee, but I can't get cinnamon out here."

With their convenience and ease of a taste change-up, these cinnamon packets are ideal for sharing in a military chow hall, and maybe even your local coffee shop one day.

To support Atkins and his peers' efforts, check out the website to order here.

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