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'The Voice': How to Audition for the Singing Competition

The Voice has been a popular singing competition for 20 seasons and counting. Contestants on the popular TV show get chosen by celebrity coaches based on a blind audition process and get personal time working with their coach through battle rounds and eventually live shows. Over the years, NBC has employed numerous high-profile coaches including Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Ceelo Green, Shakira, Christina Aguilera and more.

Numerous successful performers have launched their careers from the talent show including country singer Cassadee Pope. But how does The Voice work? How do you even get on the series, let alone win it?

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The Initial Audition Process

NBC holds virtual open call auditions for prospective contestants. You'll need to create an artist account on their website, where you'll be assigned a date/time for your virtual audition. On the day of your audition, you need to have a verse and chorus of one song prepared for the 1:30 time slot you'll receive.

On the day of your open audition, you'll log in to your artist account and will see a 10-second countdown to your assigned time. You'll introduce yourself and the song you chose before singing what you've prepared. The Voice casting team will review your audition and reach out via email with the results. If there are any next steps to move forward to the actual show in Los Angeles you'll receive instructions.

The Show Process

Blind Auditions

The first step is making it through the blind auditions. If you've been invited to compete, you'll prepare a song for your first audition in front of the actual coaches. If one of the coaches likes what they hear, they'll turn their rotating chair and potentially fight for you to join their team if more than one coach turns. Once each coach gets 16 team members, it will conclude the end of the blind audition process. It's unfortunate for certain contestants that might not be able to be seen or audition after most of the coaches have already filled their slots. It's based on luck and if you're good, the coaches will most likely invite you to come back next season when the timing might be better. Numerous contestants have come back and seen success the second time around.

Battle Rounds

You've officially made it onto a team. What next? First up is the battle rounds. Coaches will put two of their team members against each other as they compete to keep their spot. Both contestants get to work with mentors who are invited to the show by the coaches in order to prepare contestants for their performances. By the end of the battles, each team will have 10 total members. Eight will be members from the initial team, leaving room for two steals. Some coaches opt to steal their own team members back if they want to keep both performers from a particular battle.


The knockouts are essentially a more intense battle round. Contestants will prepare their own songs for this next round but will still go up against a member of their team. This time, there are no saves, and no one finds out who they are competing against until minutes before the performance. If they don't win the performance, the contestant will go home. The round will end with five members on each coach's team.

Live Broadcast

This round is where America steps in. Contestants will perform a different song each week and viewers will be able to vote for who they want to stay on the show. The two contestants with the lowest number of votes following each live performance show will be sent home until eventually, one singer is named the winner of the season and earns the grand prize of a recording contract as well as $100,000

This story previously ran in April of 2021.