A $25 Hot Dog Toaster Is the Retro Gadget We Need for Summer

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Nothing says summer like a ball game and some hot dogs. There's just something about a ballpark frank that feels special. So what if we told you there's a way to recreate that nostalgic and unforgettable taste of home game food from the comfort of your home? You can buy a pop-up hot dog toaster on Amazon, and it's way cooler than your traditional toaster oven. The Nostalgia Retro hot dog toaster is pretty much everything you could ever hope for: It's a gadget the whole family will absolutely love. You can toast two regular or extra-plump hot dogs and two hot dog buns at the same time, giving your entire dog the perfectly toasted crisp we all love.

This is one kitchen appliance you're going to wish you had bought sooner. Best of all, it's perfect for those times you're craving a hot dog but don't actually want to fire up the grill.

 Nostalgia Hot Dog and Bun Toaster - Amazon, $24.99

With temperature control settings, a convenient stop button, and an adjustable cooking timer, you can cook your dogs to your desired doneness every time. This retro gadget also has a crumb tray, adjustable heat settings, and a hot dog basket for easy insertion and removal. Some reviews say you'll want to explore the different heat settings your first time cooking with it to see which one gets your dogs to your desired doneness. Some people prefer them crispy (that's me), while others prefer a less-cooked dog. It also includes mini tongs to remove your hot dog so your fingers won't get burnt. You can slide out of the drip tray when done toasting for easy cleaning, too. This hot dog toaster also comes in a larger version that toasts up to eight hot dogs and buns.

Nostalgia Extra-Large Hot Dog Bun Roller and Warming Rack - Amazon, $68.99

This option is great because it spins the hot dogs for even cooking, just like you would see at a ball park, and it can even work to warm other foods as well.

This is the perfect retro gadget for summer nights or any evening when you don't feel like cooking. Just pop some franks and hot dog buns into this pop-up hot dog toaster, and you're on your way to perfect ballpark dogs in just a few minutes!

This post was originally published on May 28, 2021.