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Get Free Wings with this Hooters Secret Menu Hack

Secret menus at restaurant chains like Taco Bell are all the rage right now, but not all major regular or fast food chains have anything "secret" to offer. Hooters is one that doesn't have a ton of offerings that you wouldn't see on any normal Hooters menu, but there's kind of a Hooters secret menu.

Hooters is well known for its chicken wings, including boneless wings, buffalo wings, crispy "naked wings," roasted wings, happy hour, and more. But the restaurant also has entrees like the Western BBQ burger with melted cheddar cheese, the Twisted Texas Melt, a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, quesadillas, snow crab legs, and several different fish taco offerings.

They also have a ton of appetizers including buffalo chicken dip, fried pickles, chips and queso, buffalo shrimp, tater tots, tex-mex nachos with jalapenos, and guacamole, chicken strips, beer cheese and pretzels, cheese sticks, and so much more. There are sides too, including onion rings, coleslaw, and chili.

Perhaps surprisingly, alongside the Hooters wings, there's a shortlist of salad menu items like a garden salad. They might have grilled or fried chicken on them, just in keeping with the theme.

But what about Hooters secret menu items? Here is a couple you might be able to order.

1. Veggie Burger

Hooters will supposedly do a regular veggie burger for you if you ask. The place is not exactly known for being a vegetarian joint, so something is better than nothing.

2. Veggie Turkey Burger

According to Back of the Menu, Hooters can also offer a turkey burger patty if you request it. Some locations do seem to have a turkey burger regularly, but if yours doesn't have it on the menu, it can't hurt to ask.

3. Free Wings

OK, so this isn't exactly a secret item on the Hooters secret menu, but Hooters sometimes offers a promotion called "Shred Your Ex", which lets you get free 10-piece boneless wings for Valentine's Day if you buy ten and then destroy a photo of your ex-partner at the restaurant. It's definitely a fun take on the usually romantic holiday!

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