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13 International Fast-Food Items You Won't Find in the USA, for Better or Worse

Think all fast-food restaurant chains are made equally? Think again. Cross international borders and you'll be surprised to find some unique menu items at your favorite fast-food chain. Some may send you into a jealous fit of hanger rage. Others will make you pretty darn proud to be an American.

So from the incredibly desirable to the downright bastardization of food, here are the largest fast food restaurant menu items you won't find in America. For better or worse.

1. McDonald's Nutella Burger (Italy)

Of course McDonald's serves a Nutella burger in Italy. The question is, is it on the breakfast menu or dessert menu? Who am I kidding, it's Italy. It's on the regular menu.

2. McDonald's Rosti Brekkie Wrap (Australia)

Call it what it is, it's a breakfast burrito. And we want it.

3. Burger King's Kuro Ninja Burger (Japan)

When you've already created the strangest fast food burger around - aka the Kuro Pearl Burger - where do you go from there? Oh wait, I know. You slap a strip of ham on it for a tongue and call it a ninja. Even the ninjas don't get it.

4. Burger King Chili Cheese Nuggets

Weird advertising aside, this fast-food menu item could quite possibley send BK to the top of the charts in the US. I mean, just look at it. It's the perfect deep-fried bite of artery clogging jalapeño chili cheese. As long as they stay open until after bar hours, they'd be a smash.

5. Wendy's Wild Rock Burger (Japan)

Wendy's Employee: "Welcome to Wendy's, may I take your order?"

Health Concerned Customer: "Yes, I'll have Dave's double patty burger with extra crispy bacon. And, oh heck, throw on a fried egg while you're at it. On second thought, could you leave out the bun? I'm trying to cut back on the carbs."

6. Dunkin' Donuts Green Tea And Red Bean Bagel Ball (Korea)

Whatever happened to flavors like blueberry or poppyseed?

7. Taco Bell Kimchi Quesadilla (Korea)

A kimchi stuffed quesadilla I get. Especially if you're Korean. But a side of french fries? What ever happened to tortilla chips?

8. Taco Bell Loaded Fries (United Kingdom, Korea, Japan)

Hey wait a minute, here in the United States we love loaded fries too! Why can't we can't get these?

Perhaps it's the secret ingredients? Let's take a look. Ground beef, we have that. Nacho cheese sauce, check. Sour cream, definitely. Pico de gallo? Probably more than those three countries combined. What gives Taco Bell?

9. KFC Chizza (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Philippines)

For those days when you simply can't make up your mind between fried chicken and pizza, there's the Chizza. Ditching the crust for fried chicken and topping it with Hawaiian toppings, this is like the World Cup of fast-food joint menu items.

10. Subway Aloo Patty (India)

How would you feel about Subway restaurants serving an Indian spiced potato patty and your choice of veggies sandwiched between your favorite Subway bun? I'm guessing pretty darn good.

11. Pizza Hut Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza (Hong Kong)

We need to talk about this. Scallops, crayfish, shrimp, and clams are piled onto a seafood lover's dream pizza with an oozing cream cheese fish egg stuffed crust. Um, you had me until fish eggs.

12. Domino's Pizza Veg Paneer Makhani (India)

Oh sure, in India they can get an extra topping of fresh paneer cheese while all the rest of us have to settle for mozzarella.

13. Dairy Queen Green Tea Blizzard (Thailand)

Hey, we want healthier DQ options too! Okay, that was a lie. We only go to DQ to load up on sugar and greasy foods. But we do like it when we can pretend something is good for us, so give us some Green Tea Blizzards!

We may not get Nutella burgers or paneer topped pizza, but we do get Sonic Drive-Ins pickle juice slushy so that's win for us. I think.

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