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Homeless Chick-Fil-A Customer Receives Life-Changing Gift from Texas Teens

When Ryan Cook and a couple of his friends decided to stop at Chick-Fil-A in Corpus Christi, Texas, they never realized they would spend the evening changing someone's life. But after seeing a homeless man named Eddie sitting at one of the nearby tables, that's exactly what they did.

Eddie was in a bind. In desperate need of a meal, he had a pile of change on the table in front of him, along with a worn Bible and a picture of Jesus. He was busily counting the change and trying to scrape enough together for a meal when the teens entered the restaurant.

After seeing the state Eddie was in, the boys' hearts went out to him. They made the decision to buy a few Chick-Fil-A gift cards for him. While this was generous, the boys didn't stop there. After finishing their meal, they headed to Dick's Sporting Goods.

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There, they bought Eddie a brand new coat, some shirts, a first-aid kit and a winter hat. Dick's even donated a few extra items and $20 to help Eddie out. Surprisingly, Eddie was still sitting at the same table in Chick-Fil-A when the boys returned.

Naturally, his reaction to the gifts is priceless, and Ryan captured it on video. You can check it out below.

Those who work in the Texas Chick-Fil-A say that Eddie is a regular patron. He never has much money, but hardly ever asks for any help from anyone. His goal in life is to take care of his dog, Socks. He gives a portion of his food to the dog before he even takes a bite. Occasionally, the staff says he does ask for water to fill Socks' bowl.

Ryan shared the clip on Facebook telling his friends and followers that he wants them to do good for others. He hopes that by sharing this video, he and his friends can inspire others to do the same for those in need.

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