Thursday Was a Wild Day on Texas Highways

You never know what you'll find on the highways of Texas. It could be a naked woman dancing on a semi-truck, a tornado ripping across the tarmac, or venomous snakes and hundreds of pigs on the loose.

Transports carrying the latter two animals overturned on separate highways on Thursday, following unrelated vehicular accidents.

According to TWC News, a minivan carrying several reptiles, including rattlesnakes, a cottonmouth, a baby alligator and a tortoise, overturned on I-35 in near San Antonio. The passengers were rescued from the vehicle and taken to a nearby hospital. No one was bitten.

Earlier in the day, a semi-truck carrying hundreds of hogs overturned and burst into flames along I-45 in Dallas. Luckily, the driver escaped the vehicle before it caught fire and was uninjured.

CBS News reports a number of the hogs in the trailer died, but approximately 200 of them escaped and ran amok on the highway.

Police and clean-up crews spent most of the morning and afternoon corraling the loose pigs.

Just another day in Texas, y'all.

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Thursday Was a Wild Day on Texas Highways