Truck Driver Captures Tornado Tearing Across Texas Highway

Sunday was a crazy, scary day for those in central Texas as a tornado tore across I-45.

Austin Sheppard was driving in an 18-wheeler when he saw a tornado cross the road right in front of him. With his camera rolling, he watched as the tornado traveled across the highway, taking out a sign along the way.

At first, he thought the tornado was just a funnel cloud, but quickly saw that it was a full tornado. As he was making this realization, he spotted a car drive right through the middle of it. Luckily, neither Sheppard nor the driver of the other car received any injuries. He did report that the wind failed to lift his truck, but was powerful enough to shake it quite a bit.

After causing such a ruckus, the tornado continued its path to the north, where it wound up damaging some fences and small trees. Tornado warnings were in effect for much of central Texas on Sunday, including Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery and Waller, where this tornado was causing trouble.

You can watch the terrifying tornado in this video.

Overall, three tornadoes touched down in central Texas on Sunday. The strongest was an EF-1 that came with 90 mph winds. This twister traveled through South Clifton, causing some damage along the way.

Two other EF-0 tornadoes hit Coryell City and parts of Bosque and Hill Counties. Experts also believe that a fourth tornado may be the cause of damage to a living center, but have yet to confirm this.

Luckily, it appears that none of these storms caused any major damage to businesses or homes. There are also no reports of injuries yet. However, for those living in the paths of these storms, the experience was surely quite terrifying.

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